7 Things you Might Not Know

I thought I might take a cue from several Facebook friends and post a few things you may not have known about me.  I have some blogger awards I need to make posts on and quite frankly I’m behind on sorting out right now but hey, you’ll just have to wait to find out what they are and what I have to say about them.  For right now, here are a few bits of information about me:

1.  For the millionth time, people need to stop asking -I do not wrestle alligators on Saturdays and I don’t fight grizzly bears on Tuesdays.  I also do not tame tigers on Fridays.

2.  I do my grocery shopping my way – in pajama pants at either 2:30 a.m. or later at 6 a.m.

3.  My cat can’t talk.

4.  I have a nervous habit of twirling a drumstick in my left hand as I write with my right hand.  Then when my hand tires, I switch and write with my left hand and twirl the drumstick with my right hand.

5.  I love gum.  I love ham.  Unfortunately, I cannot enjoy both at the same time.  Chewing gum while eating ham did not work out so well for me earlier tonight.

6.  I wear earplugs at night to help me sleep.

7.  I never do headstands anymore.  Used to do them all the time but as I’ve gotten older I find they are less fun and much harder than I remembered from childhood.

And there you have some more useless information about me, and I guess my cat too.


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