7 Things you Might Not Know

I thought I might take a cue from several Facebook friends and post a few things you may not have known about me.  I have some blogger awards I need to make posts on and quite frankly I’m behind on sorting out right now but hey, you’ll just have to wait to find out what […]

Right Words vs. Mediocre Words

“It might as well say bing tiddle tiddle bong.  It’s complete jibberish.” – Dr. McKay on Stargate Atlantis It is what they said Monday for me so I’m indulging my nerdiness.  The above is a quote from Stargate Atlantis by the geeky Dr. Rodney McKay.  I use it quite frequently to refer to times when […]

Out There on the Fringe

By JccKeith I have given great thought on what to write about today.  My thoughts have wandered, as they so often do to everything from writing anthologies – something I’ve never done – to classic literature – something I’ve never written – and all the way back around to cool television shows.  I am currently […]