001I was once friends with a few lab rats and familiar with far too many chemicals.  As a biochemist I spent more time around chemicals than I did people.  As much as I thought science was fun and I enjoyed playing with chemicals on a regular basis, it grew tiresome over the years.  So I quit.  Yep, that’s right, I quit.  My true passions in life were elsewhere, far away from any laboratories.

I love to read.  I love to paint.  I love to write.  I have written two complete novels and several incomplete projects.  I have had one short story published and been quoted a few times by others.  I have even sold a few of my paintings.  I am currently working on having my novels published.

I am also currently spending my days as the active chaos control specialist in my house – or in other words staying home with my kids and my pets. I while away the midnight hours, when the rest of the house is asleep posting on the website Bite My Book, blogging new episodes on Rogue Mission, chatting with other writers, editing and writing new works.  For now, my cat seems to be my muse and my dog is my biggest fan.  I am also still friends with a few rats, we have three, but they are not for research.

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  1. Sounds great – what a lucky thing you quite your job, as you wouldn’t have to got to do all the awesome writing that you’ve done. Good luck on getting your books published. I’m actually working on a post at the moment called: how to get a million dollar publishing deal! Though don’t get your hopes too high – I’m not sure I have the answer 😉

    • I look forward to reading your post. A million dollar publishing deal would be great – and would fit in nicely with my goals of continuing to not be a biochemist!

    • Thanks Christine! I really like your blog – and I’m nominating you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award too! See my post on it for more details.

  2. I just wanted to say Thank You for reviewing my novel! I had no idea you had signed up for the blog tour until after you’d reviewed it. Thank you! Thank you!

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  4. Thanks for the follow! It led me here and so far I like the words. I did a flash fiction about lab rats. Sadly it didn’t end well for them or the rest of planet Earth. On the bright side, I used only eco-friendly free-range words…
    Great blog, and it’s a pleasure to digitally meet you.

    • Yes unfortunately things never seem to end well for the lab rats. I have really enjoyed your blog – it’s always nice to find a good blog to read and it’s nice to digitally meet you too

  5. hey there!

    Thank you for following my blog a few mths ago! I just wanna share with you that I have recently changed host (nearly died along the way 🙂 ) and if you like, please come again to my blog and you can type in your email address as with the change in host from wordpress, new posts will not get delivered to your email address like the last time.

    So if you like posts to get delivered to your email address like the past, you have to type in your email again. It only appears in your reader now, so if that works for you, then it is ok.

    thank you

  6. You have a very inspiring blog, I’m enjoying it so far! 🙂 best wishes for getting your books published. Keep on following your dreams–you never know what you may meet around the corner! 😉

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