Indelible Marks

I wanted to write something funny today but then I realized I just wasn’t feeling very humorous today so I said screw it and went in a completely different direction.  The direction I headed was to a piece of paper, one of many actually, that contains nothing more than words and phrases I have found in countless places – although I think one place I acquired many was The Necronomicon.  H.P. Lovecraft is always a useful supplier of obscure and often unusual words and in some interesting combinations.  Anyway, back to the paper.

The paper has words on it.  That’s it, plain and simple, just words and phrases I found interesting at one time or another.  I have found over the years that inspiration comes in the strangest forms and from the oddest places and at most unusual times.  The problem is, I sometimes run across a word or phrase that inspires me and before I can manage to find time to write based on wherever that inspiration took me – it is too late.  I have forgotten the word or phrase that inspired me.  So eventually I started carrying around a pen or pencil and a piece or two of paper.  

It is in this way that I can take inspiration, whenever it pops up, and save it for later when I have time to deal with it.  I have found that when I read these words I am often brought back to a place of inspiration.  I may use the word, I may not.  Usually I do not end up using the words on the paper other than as a jumping off point to start writing.  I find they put my mind in the right place, in that right frame of thought to begin a new story… or post as the case may be.

Tonight, my piece of paper yielded the phrase ‘indelible marks.’  I really like the phrase, it has a certain cryptic nature to it.  I really like the word ‘cryptic’ too.  Anyway, this post has little to do with indelible marks and more to do with finding a way to get my mind in the mood to write.  In that interest, I thought I might share some of the words and phrases from this particular piece of paper.  Maybe it will spark some inspiration in someone else besides me:

clove the panorama

aged drunkard

wild absurdity

squalid sea

toppling steeples

undulant motion



mindless rapture

boundlessly loyal

racous clamor


teeming horde









8 thoughts on “Indelible Marks

      • I love evocative phrases. Some people just think modern writing should just be simple and sharp though. I remember one guy telling me my writing was old fashioned and I probably just read the classics over and over. LOL!

        • I love the way you write and the way your seriously sharp intellect shows so clearly. Although my guy meant that as an insult. He had read one of my shorts & offered to rewrite it for me so that modern man could understand it. Funny now – livid then. 😀

  1. Great stuff there. I, too, am always intrigued by the odd phrase, the coupling of words, a few choice syllables strung together that makes you sound them out at first, in your head, and then out loud. It must be the rhythm, that certain cadence that speaks to the reader as well as the writer.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog as well. I appreciate it.

    Take care,


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