Orichalcum Orchids and Other Strange Phenomena

First of all, let me just say that Orichalcum Orchid is a randomized title from one of Chuck Wendig’s weekly flash fiction challenges.  The challenge was to randomly choose one word each from two separate columns.  As I am lazily wasting away a rainy Sunday afternoon lying on my bed with my lazy dog and even lazier cat whilst surfing the web and reading a book and half watching television – one might think all of those things are impossible to do all at once but rest assured, I am great at such impossible multitasking – – I have no dice with which to create a random number handy.  All of my d6, d10 and d20s are downstairs and I have no intention of getting up from my bed to retrieve them.

So, being lazy, I decided to just close my book and then reopen it to a random page and use the page number to give me two random numbers. Clever I felt.  I opened the book to page 76 which gave me the numbers 7 and 6 which in turn corresponded to the words Orichalcum and Orchid.  So there you have it –  my title for a new flash fiction story.

Much to my surprise, I had no idea what the word Orichalcum even meant.  I had never heard it or seen it  before that I could remember.  I had to read up on it on Wikipedia.  It seems this metal of some sort is still not completely identified but is believed to be an alloy of some type and may in fact be what is known as tumbaga.  How is that for a story component, a mysterious ancient metal?

I almost was compelled enough by this reading up of Orichalcum to turn off Farscape and actually start typing a story.  Unfortunately, no such luck.  My mind is not ready to create a story just yet.  My mind is still reeling from the unsatisfying ending of Fringe.  I finally finished watching the show last night – a feat that was difficult to say the least.  The last season was so bad and so completely ridiculous that I had a tough time watching it at all.  I had enjoyed the first three seasons immensely but the fourth was only tolerable and the fifth was just downright awful.

The ending of Fringe, and a few other shows, namely Lost, make me ponder just exactly what these writers were thinking?  How could they take such great premises and then go so terribly wrong?  At what point as writers did they say, “You know what, this story line has been working great for us and is wonderful but let’s just completely deviate from it and throw in some things that have absolutely nothing to do with anything else, don’t fit in with the story, make no sense overall and are almost opposite of what we have done so far.”

As a writer myself, the avenues that these writers chose disturbs me.  I have to wonder if maybe I am just playing it too safe with my writing?  Do I not take enough chances?  Do I throw in enough challenges?  Are my plots too boring?  Are my characters too predictable?

My hope is that I will find reassurance once I finish the book I am currently reading.  I have begun the Dresden Files book series and am currently reading Storm Front.  The writing is both interesting and consistent – which I like because it makes sense and reaffirms that following a good story line from beginning to end is the right way to go.  Screw the writers of Fringe and Lost.


2 thoughts on “Orichalcum Orchids and Other Strange Phenomena

  1. You won’t believe this, but I love the Dresden books. They are one of the few books I will drop everything else to read when I get my hands on the new one.

    Another unbelievable coincidence I rolled and got the word Orichalcum as well. Title of the story I will share soon is Orichalcum Slave. Could be a fun read.

    • I am really enjoying the Dresden Files book and am looking forward to the next one already.

      That’s funny that you ended up with Orichalcum too. I like the mysterious aspects of the metal – so many possibilities on where a story could go with it. Looking forward to reading yours!

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