29 Writer’s Conferences

Favorite 29 writer’s conferences Ready to connect with literary agents, editors and other writers at a writers’ conference? Summer in particular is packed with writers’ conferences across the United States, but these events run throughout the year. Includes conferences for every type of writing from novels, to blogs to journalism.


Let’s Just Skip That Part

Reading some things last night I realized a trend.  Not every time, but sometimes when I read, I lose interest in the details and just skip to the parts that tell me the gist of what is being said or what is going on. Why do I lose interest in things and skip them: They […]

Orichalcum Orchids and Other Strange Phenomena

First of all, let me just say that Orichalcum Orchid is a randomized title from one of Chuck Wendig’s weekly flash fiction challenges.  The challenge was to randomly choose one word each from two separate columns.  As I am lazily wasting away a rainy Sunday afternoon lying on my bed with my lazy dog and […]