A-Z Challenge: T is for Tenir Sansgarr

Tenir is a character you’ve most likely never heard of but should.  He is the hero.  He is handsome and he has his share of problems.  He gets his butt kicked from time to time. He is a Forlay so he is from one of the most powerful magic races in the Infinitum but he still messes up.

A little about the guy:

Tenir Sansgarr is the leader of a group in the subset of the Askara Infinitum project known as Rogue Mission.  He ultimately leaves the project to pursue more urgent matters in the Alina Ceo with a small group of others.  Tenir for the most part has a chaotic good character alignment but it is not an absolute definition of character.  He does at times act contrary to this alignment.Tenir trusts his own morality and intuition.  He frequently stands up for the underdog and for anyone who cannot protect themselves.  He often defies authority figures when their orders go against his conscience.

Tenir is the only son of Railixx, a Forlay, and Nasia, an Eosarin, Sansgarr.  The name Sansgarr means “without fear.”  Tenir was raised by his parents on the planet Ayan in the Alastrian lands.  The family settled on Ayan shortly after Tenir’s birth before the Forlay home planet Saissae was destroyed many ages ago.
Nasia, an Eosarin lived on Saissae but it was not her original home planet.  The Eosarin are magic users from another planetary alignment known as the Llinell Blane.  Their home planet of Lasrhl was destroyed and they were hunted throughout the Llinell Blane before they escaped to the Alina Ceo.
The Sansgarr family lived as Alastrians and represented themselves as Alastrian to everyone.  None of the Alastrians were aware of their true origins or the fact that they were not corporal.  Similar in outward appearance to corporal species, they easily blended in with the population.  Tenir follows his parent’s lead and keeps his true nature hidden after initially disclosing it to his group members.
The only one who guides him is Caness Fairmoon.  Caness Fairmoon is Yonawen, the only one remaining.  The Yonawen share a bond with the Forlay although the exact nature of this bond is unknown.  Through this bond, Tenir has a unique relationship with Caness.
Tenir stands at just less than 6’ with a toned but not overly muscular body.  He has moderately long thick brown hair which hangs loosely about his face.  His eyes are a deep luminescent green.  Deep green eyes are a characteristic only genuinely found in the Forlay.

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