The List

For some time now I have been adding to a list of things to do that is ongoing in my head. I keep telling myself I will write them down because I will eventually forget, so at last, here is the list of things I will accomplish this year. They are in no particular order […]

Sasquatch Throws Chickens

Ran across an article by Copyblogger and discovered a sentence similar to this in their post on how to not only attract reader’s attention but to keep it.  Just getting people to click on your post isn’t enough.  You want them to read it and make comments.  So how do you do that? Well you […]


A-Z Challenge: R is for Research for Writing

Researching for your novel is a key factor in whether or not it succeeds.  Too many people write one dimensional characters or describe places so poorly it doesn’t allow the reader to visualize the location or the interactions.  To prevent ill-defined characters or weakly described places, time must be invested in researching, in developing both… […]