Make Me Bad…

After watching way too many shows on Netfilx, I have begun to wonder what it is exactly that makes someone do ‘bad’ things.  When I was younger, it was simple.  You were a bad person and that meant you did bad things.  End of story.  Easy wrap up. As I grew older, I began to […]


Warning: Not For the Resistant

I have a lot of friends on Facebook who are constantly posting inspirational quotes about not caring what others think, about how to be happy, about how to live life to the fullest and about how to stand up for yourself – how to stop letting others take advantage of you. The truth is – […]

Maybe It’s Just Me

So, there I was scrolling through Facebook, WordPress and the other usual social media sites I frequent looking for new information, new insights, new reasons to laugh and perhaps a little inspiration.  Just a usual day, just like every other day although today I did find a few more articles to read and I learned […]