At Your Mercy

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have been on hiatus from living in the real world.  Alright, that sounds a little bizarre so let me specify what I mean.  Here recently, the last couple of weeks, I have been taking a break from spending my nights on the internet.  Yes I am calling the internet the […]

Falling off the Face of the Earth

I ended up stuck without internet access for the last few days while on vacation and the loooonnnng drive home.  It was an enlightening experience to say the least.  I was angry at first…. well actually I was really ticked off for quite some time about it.  I tried doing things on my phone like […]

Physical Features and Lists

Days 10 & 11 Another Blog Challenge O.k., O.k. so I missed yesterday.  In my defense, I was busy most of the night with a family event.  My brother and my dad had just returned from the Florida Keys with way too much fish and it needed to be cooked and eaten or it was […]