Maybe It’s Just Me

So, there I was scrolling through Facebook, WordPress and the other usual social media sites I frequent looking for new information, new insights, new reasons to laugh and perhaps a little inspiration.  Just a usual day, just like every other day although today I did find a few more articles to read and I learned […]


Timelines: Day 15 Another Blog Challenge

Today’s instruction was to write the timeline of my day.  I’m not sure you could handle the excitement of my busy day but I’ll try to not overload your senses.  Let’s see, what did I do first today?  Hmm… that’s a toughie but I believe the first thing I did was wake up and glance […]

Day 14: Another Blog Challenge: Lotteries

Well what can I say – lotteries are great and today’s instruction was: If you won the lottery.  I can’t say enough about how great lotteries are – I mean what other way besides just throwing your money directly in the trash can you find to rid yourself of a few unwanted dollars?  That sounds […]