Cult of Immortality

I am alive. I am not dead. Through inference of my living and not dying, I am immortal. Or at least that seems to be the rationale my mind offers for why I remain unafraid of life threatening illnesses, car crashes, plane crashes, shootings, murderers and random accidents.  Even as the shadow of death looms […]

Necessary Truth?

I found this meme on one of those pages where all they post are inspirational memes that are either things that people like to read but never practice, things you should have figured out by now or things that sound good at first but upon further reflection – are not. This meme is of the third […]

Flash Fiction: Jenn and Death

 Warning: This is dark fiction.  It is the flash fiction story I wrote for a contest.  There is a lot of blood and gore and talk of death. Consider yourself warned. By JccKeith The ghost of a sparrow flitted through one wall and out the other.  Jenn watched with only minor interest.  Sparrows, it was […]