My Comments About Comments

Normally when I wake up in the afternoon after my mid morning nap – naps are great by the way – I drink some tea because caffeine is also great and then I turn on my laptop.  The first thing I check is my gmail because it is my link to everything else I need […]


Say Something!

Attempting to build a writer platform, I am constantly checking the stats on my blog.  It is like a little obsessiveness with who and how many people are viewing my work.  At first I was only posting new episodes of Rogue Mission, the fantasy show from my novel Guardians of Ayan. Then I had a […]

No Link On This One

I just wanted to post that I have immensely enjoyed reading all of the a-z challenge posts I’ve found.  There are countless others I haven’t yet visited and I am certain would love.  I am finding many new blogs and websites through this challenge that I otherwise would have never encountered most likely. For those […]