Make Me Bad…

After watching way too many shows on Netfilx, I have begun to wonder what it is exactly that makes someone do ‘bad’ things.  When I was younger, it was simple.  You were a bad person and that meant you did bad things.  End of story.  Easy wrap up. As I grew older, I began to […]


Last Laughs: Catching Up with June Blog Challenge

This may sound all lame and boring but normally I spend my Friday and Saturday nights writing… tap tap tapping away on my laptop.  Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes I write some pretty awesome stuff… and other times it’s just me typing the words tap tap tap on my computer screen because I can’t think […]

Day 5 Another Blog Challenge

Here it is five days in and I’m still with it – today’s post is supposed to be: Top 10 Songs You’re Listening To Right Now.  I was going to skip this one because my taste in music varies so much that narrowing down ten songs seemed tough.  This is not to mention that my […]