Those Neighbors…. Always Watching

Alright, seriously, I didn’t come up with this idea by myself.  I was venturing through my reader and found another post from a fellow blogger.  This blogger is engaged in a Writing Challenge and is on Day 25.  I don’t know what Writing Challenge it is, just what this person posts as the day’s instructions. […]

Falling off the Face of the Earth

I ended up stuck without internet access for the last few days while on vacation and the loooonnnng drive home.  It was an enlightening experience to say the least.  I was angry at first…. well actually I was really ticked off for quite some time about it.  I tried doing things on my phone like […]

Last Laughs: Catching Up with June Blog Challenge

This may sound all lame and boring but normally I spend my Friday and Saturday nights writing… tap tap tapping away on my laptop.  Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes I write some pretty awesome stuff… and other times it’s just me typing the words tap tap tap on my computer screen because I can’t think […]