Do I Corrupt or Destroy?

In ending my work in progress, I have reached a point where I have to make a decision.  Is it better for an organization to be corrupt and the main characters to take moral offense and leave the organization?  Or is it better to just wipe the organization off the face of the planet?  Should […]


Bad Guys Take Over the World

By JccKeith Whatever happened to the good old days of television where the bad guys were always easy to spot because they wore the dark glasses and had sinister laughs?  I’m sitting here tonight watching Fringe and I can’t help thinking that Agent Francis is a bad guy. Agent Francis is a nice looking guy, […]

A-Z Challenge: K is for Killing in the Name of…

Killing in the name of literature – how many people have you killed recently?  Me, thousands, I have killed off thousands of people in just the last couple of days.   Why? Well to be honest, I killed them off in the name of a goddess of the moon.  The rest I killed off because they […]