Another Blog Challenge Playing Catch Up

I’ve been incredibly not busy and have been slacking off – or more importantly, I forgot about this blog challenge due to other things coming up like breathing, eating, sleeping, and other important activities.  So needless to say, I’ve missed a day or seven.  So indulge me as I play catch up once again. Day […]

The Bucket List: Day 16 Another Blog Challenge

Today’s instruction/prompt/whatever was “What’s on your bucket list?”  Precisely it was actually “What is the 1st item on your bucket list?”  I wasn’t going to write this challenge because either a. I have lost my bucket list or b. I was too lazy to ever really write one.  It is probably the latter because I […]

Day 13 Another Blog Challenge: Memories

Today’s tid bit is listed as “Your earliest memory.”  I tried really hard to figure out which one that might be but I just couldn’t remember.  Frankly, I was a bit young at the time and didn’t have it all together, my recall of those days is a bit hazy.  So all in all, I […]

Physical Features and Lists

Days 10 & 11 Another Blog Challenge O.k., O.k. so I missed yesterday.  In my defense, I was busy most of the night with a family event.  My brother and my dad had just returned from the Florida Keys with way too much fish and it needed to be cooked and eaten or it was […]

Day 5 Another Blog Challenge

Here it is five days in and I’m still with it – today’s post is supposed to be: Top 10 Songs You’re Listening To Right Now.  I was going to skip this one because my taste in music varies so much that narrowing down ten songs seemed tough.  This is not to mention that my […]