Writing Gives You Wings

O.k. so I sorta stole that from the Redbull commercials.  Redbull does not, by the way, give you wings.  It can give you heart palpatations, increased sweating, irrational thinking, sugar highs and irritability.  But not wings. Writing, on the other hand, does give you wings.  Wings that fly on the skies of imagination. This enlightening […]


Indelible Marks

I wanted to write something funny today but then I realized I just wasn’t feeling very humorous today so I said screw it and went in a completely different direction.  The direction I headed was to a piece of paper, one of many actually, that contains nothing more than words and phrases I have found […]

7 Things you Might Not Know

I thought I might take a cue from several Facebook friends and post a few things you may not have known about me.  I have some blogger awards I need to make posts on and quite frankly I’m behind on sorting out right now but hey, you’ll just have to wait to find out what […]

Laughter and Amusement

Upon my floor now lay three wolves, an arctic fox, a lion, a horse and a cheerleader.  The animals can stay but the cheerleader has to go.  She is rather annoying.  Every time you press her stomach she says “Go team!” and then sings a grating song.  This is all collateral damage left over from […]

If I Were Famous… Day 27 July Blog Challenge

Day 27: If you were famous describe what you would be famous for, how you became famous, what you would do with your fame What would I be famous for?  Well it’s no secret I’d like to be famous for writing and of course if that were the case – I would say I probably […]

Mixing up the July Blog Challenge with the Random Plot

My writing hiatus has taken its toll on my creative side so today I thought I’d use not just today’s blog challenge for Day 19 but also a writing prompt from a random plot generator.  Day 19 is to describe an alien invasion in 500 words or less (although due to combining two things I […]