Too Little, Too Late?

As I posted a few days ago, I have the flu, acquired from my oldest daughter who tested positive for Influenza, Strain B on Friday night. Due to knowing she had come down with the flu precisely beginning Friday morning – they were able to give her Tamiflu – an anti-viral med they can prescribe for flu sufferers when they are diagnosed within 48 hours of onset of flu symptoms. Tamiflu is AMAZING! Yes, it is not a cure for the flu as there is no actual cure for any virus we know of yet – it is merely an aid to the body’s immune system against viral attacks. Due to my daughter having had the flu vaccine earlier in the year (even though this Strain B was not among the strains she and everyone else were vaccinated against) and then beginning the Tamiflu so quickly – she has had relatively no major problems other than fatigue and the first night some very mild achyness.

So,  the information to take away from this is that flu shots are worthwhile. Yes, they only include 30% of the flu strains out there that researchers believe will be the most epidemic for the year. This year they missed the mark and did not include that Strain B. But let’s move on because I did not, nor have I ever gotten, a flu shot.

As soon as I realized that I too had succommbed to the flu – I did the only things I had left  to do. I acquired a naturally, locally made jar of honey from someone in town. I have gotten so much rest that I may be rivaling the nearly 20 hours a day my cat normally gets. I have had no stressing over money. My bills are paid. My groceries and stocks of groceries have been bought. The house is clean.

More importantly, I have been eating fresh Romaine lettuce, fresh spinach, parmesan cheese and fresh chicken along with organic Caesar dressing.  I have been eating fresh salads all week. So no problem in the nutrient situation. I’ve been using Almond/Coconut Oil Milk, I have been drinking tea with honey.

So the point is, I am doing everything right – I am doing everything in my power to eat healthy, organic food, in appropriate portions. I am staying hydrated with tea, vitamin water and regular bottled water.

According to every health magazine I read, the organic research I do, every holistic healing books and more – I am doing what anyone should be doing.. I am resting, hydrating and eating fresh, healthy foods.  And yet, here I am still laid low by the flu.

This begs the questions, ‘Is my effort to flush my body of toxins and replace necessary nutrients through healthy eating helping?’ Is it even possible to mount an effective offensive against the flu virus once it has infiltrated effectively.
I can see what is happening as one of two things:

  • Resistance is futile, once the flu enters your body – it will take up residence for around a 7 to 10 day period before you immune system can finally defeat the virus.
  • Resistance is difficult. By getting an excessive amount of rest, by not having to worry about money, by being able to take it easy and drink my Green Tea with loads of natural honey – that it is the reason I am not suffering the debilitating muscle pains and stomach issues.

**********************If the latter is true, if my efforts at eating fresh salads, drinking coconut and almond milk, cooking fresh foods for dinner  – if these efforts are helping then I have to wonder at how severe this flu could have ended up being for me. Based on what I can tell – it would have been horrendous.

I am choosing to believe that my healthy eating efforts and my abundance of sleep and lack of stress are helping me beat this flu as painlessly as possible.


10 thoughts on “Too Little, Too Late?

  1. Sounds inspiring in general, your healthy choices. I take 1000mg Vit C every day and haven’t had a proper flu in years. If I think I feel something coming on I just up the dosage. 🙂

    • Vitamin C is very helpful and great at proper levels. The only problem with it is that when it comes to the flu – one of its hallmark symptoms is the fact that it does not come on slowly or give any warning – it just hits you all at once.

  2. Resistance is futile. This is a battle between your immune system and the virus, and what you are doing may be palliative for your bodily symptoms, but doesn’t affect the battle – in so far as my knowledge of medicine goes. When you are young, getting the flu ramps up your immune system and for a while you will be more resistant to the nasty little bugs that come along. I was sick with one cold after another the first year I started teaching here in NC, the next year had maybe only one or two colds.
    Treat your body nicely, as you are doing, and all will be well…eventually!

    • Yes, schools are petri dishes for nasty viruses! I know this and yet up until this week, I have had a rather indifferent attitude to this fact. I make sure my kids are up on their shots and get the the flu vaccine every year and tell them to practice good hygiene and use hand sanitizer but I suppose I have had that ‘immortality’ syndrome going on when it comes to myself. Because I haven’t really been sick in so long, I forgot how susceptible I am and how easily I could get sick.

  3. The flu is evil!! It took a whole week and a half for me to recover from it – just knocked me out. I feel for you. Hope you recover quickly and feel better soon.
    You’re doing a fantastic job in taking care of your body to help beat it 🙂

  4. I’d like to say the flu is nature’s way of making sure I don’t have to take work quite so seriously, but I do telecommute, so it’s hard to say I’m legitimately working seriously when there’s a Price Is Right marathon going on too.

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