I Have Been Attempting to Post for Few Days NOw but it just isn’t happening…

Friday afternoon, my older daughter started having excessive lethargy. Then her back hurt so bad she couldn’t stand up. Then her chest began to hurt. No fever, no rash, no other signs of illness, her breathing and deep breaths and her lungs sounded clear. But I took her to the doctor immediately anyway because even without obvious symptoms – I’m a mother and I have that almost sixth sense about my kids. I know when they are sick. And I know when they are seriously sick. So that night was serious.

All other blood tests ruled out other conditions and a chest x-ray just to be sure ruled out any chest problems. A swab for flu test came back positive, despite her having had the flu vaccine this year. So they prescribed her TamiFlu – which I cannot say enough about – she has avoided the muscle cramps and over all rundown feeling you normally get with the flu due to this TamiFlu being prescribed and plenty of bed rest, food, relaxation.

I was thrilled it was just the flu. Of the many things it could have been – the flu was the least of the bunch. After picking up her prescription for TamiFlu and her taking her first dose that night – I went ahead and bought the stuff I would probably need when it hit me. True to form – I now have the flu. It totally sucks but experience has taught me that all I need to do is get plenty of fluids, plenty of food, and lots and lots of rest and this thing will run its course and it will all be over.


4 thoughts on “I Have Been Attempting to Post for Few Days NOw but it just isn’t happening…

  1. Did you get your flu shot too? Sometimes parents forget to take care of themselves. Anyway, you’re a good, protective mother, and I hope you both get well soon!

    • No, no flu shot for me. I never even made it back to the doctor for my regular check up. There always seemed to be more important things to do than schedule a couple of hours out of my day to go to the doctor, sit in the waiting room forever and all that hassle.

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