Stripped Bare that I May See Clear

Let’s be honest here.  Everyone lies.  Some tell small white lies, some smudge a number just a tad, some make outright lies about their plans, some lie about their status, their job, their IQ – all to impress either another person or themselves.  None of these things are really of any consequence.  They are merely parts of life as a human.

This is not a rant about lying.  This is my calling bullshit on the latest trend called “Tiny Houses.”  It is utterly ridiculous.  I looked into these small houses and their very large claims of being cozy, self sufficient, money saving, and capable of much more space usage than one might think.  I saw the promoted pictures of these various couples living what they called ‘their dream lives’ in these tiny solar powered houses.

Throughout the article, I called out bullshit on many statements but it wasn’t so much outright lies as it was more a stretching/massaging of the truth.  One shows the loft and says it fits a Queen size bed.  As it happens, I have a Queen size bed in my master bedroom so I knew without a doubt that no actual Queen size bed would fit in their narrow loft whose walls leaned inward to meet at the top and make the loft a triangular shape.

The truth of course was what was seen later in the pictures.  There is no height room for a bed of any size.  There was room only for a Queen size mattress and nothing more.  For me, when I see the word bed, I think of an actual bed – including a four corner support frame upon which a boxspring and mattress lay.  So for me, these people calling a single mattress upon a floor a Queen sized bed was a deliberate attempt to mislead.

These people also promote endlessly their reliance only on solar power and then batteries at night since solar power only works during daylight hours.  What I did not see in the pictures of the building of this ‘amazing’ house was the installation of any form of insulation whatsoever.  Without insulation, heat would not be able to be kept within the house, it would merely pass out of the house through the thin layer of wood planking making up their walls and ceiling.

Each picture showed a different space in the house that they were calling ‘rooms’ such as kitchen and bathroom.  The kitchen was described as being just enough room for the two of them and yet they show the woman standing in the teeny, tiny kitchen that was smaller than the little kitchenettes provided at extended stay hotels.  The woman took up the entire space just by herself and she was a skinny woman.

The bathroom was reminiscent of a bathroom on a train where you take a shower over the toilet although no mention was made of whether this tiny house had any water source such as a well, plumbing, access to city water, or anything else of the sort.

Needless to say, I was far from impressed.  Yes I admire people who follow their dreams.  I admire these people for living the way they think is best for the environment and themselves.  Yet I have absolutely no desire to live in a tiny house.  I like going camping at times and staying in one of these tiny houses would be akin to ‘roughing it.’

I like my house because it is just big enough for me and the kids.  I like my many shelves of books that I would never want to get rid of .  I like my paintings.  I like my blankets.  I like my bed.  I like my indoor plumbing, central heating and air.  I like comfort.  I see nothing wrong with enjoying living a comfortable life.


3 thoughts on “Stripped Bare that I May See Clear

  1. My oh my, you’ve given voice to all I’ve been thinking during the ads for these homes. Maybe because there seems to be a “holier than thou” attitude that goes along with them?

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