The Plague Strikes

So… this week has been one trial after another.  It began with an ominous cough that sounded quite unlike anything I had ever heard.  It was loud, dry and should not have been happening at all.  It was my oldest daughter, coughing frequently. This alarmed me because she was currently on antibiotics for an ear infection and had been for almost a week.  I considered the possibility of viral pneumonia but she had just been to the doctor’s office and they had listened to her lungs and no sign of anything.  After the development of the cough, I too listened to her lungs and heard no wheezing and noted she was able to take in a complete deep breath with no difficulty.  I called the doctor anyway – because let’s face it, that’s what health insurance is for and after having a dire case of pneumonia in my son when he was less than a year old – I didn’t want to take any chances.  They said it was most likely a cold, which of course the antibiotics would not help.

My youngest daughter developed a runny nose that would not stop no matter what medicine we tried.  This resulted in several bloody noses at school, which of course resulted in immediately sending to the nurses office and calls to me.  She too, I figured, had a cold.

Then, I slammed the back of my head into the pointed edge of my dresser when attempting to lay back into bed.  The pain was so bad it caused tears and a trip to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t bleeding profusely.  No bleeding but enormous swelling and a Linus from Peanuts size knot on the back of my head.

By Friday morning, I walked into my daughters’ room and had that immediate mom intuition that something was not right.  I woke them only long enough to ask them if they felt like going to school today – which of course today was an important day being the day before Valentine’s Day and the day their classes would have Valentine’s Day parties and pass out Valentines and candy and assorted things.  Both awoke long enough to mumble that they did not feel like going to school.  I should note that my daughters love school, they look forward to going everyday.  So their decision not to go was enough for me to know they were sicker than I would like.

So we all stayed home and watched a couple of Harry Potter movies along with other various tv programs and did a lot, and I mean a lot, of sleeping.  With my several days long headache, I was fine with this.  Unfortunately, by 2:40 in the afternoon, my son arrived home from school and soon after my husband arrived home from work.  This for me meant breaking out the bleach and sanitizing all doorknobs, remote controls, xbox controllers, counters, mirrors, toilets, walls and anything else that had possibly been touched by the fever ridden.

Yes, my husband and son had probably already been exposed but why take chances?  As far as plagues go, this, in my opinion, was not nearly as bad as an infiltration of the flu.


5 thoughts on “The Plague Strikes

  1. I can really relate. I got a middle ear infection from my son when he was little – and had blown both ear drums from his – and went partially deaf. Hope you are all recovering well. You did the Mom thing, which is always the right thing!

  2. I discovered something crucial today that I hand’t noticed before. My daughter made a comment that her urine was alawys dark. This set off the immediate nurses alarm that she was dehydrated. I knew immediately this was why she has had a fever every day. So I made sure she drank multilple time today, At the end of the day, she is feelin better, no fever, and no coughing. Amazing how being properly hydrated makes all the difference in the world. Now that she is properly hydrated she feels great and so does my younger daugher. So all I can say is YAY FOR WATER!!!!!

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