What Do I Do?

Sorting through some things in my house last night I realized I have an entire drawer full of cassettes, that I have no cassette player on which to play.  I have an entire closet full of VHS movies.  I still have a VCR that is not plugged into anything and probably will not be compatible with any technology in the near future anyway.  I still have the original Star Wars trilogy in a VHS box set.  In a cabinet in my utility room, I have two floppy discs that have been unusable since the late 90s to early 2000.

Why?  Why do I still have these things?  Maybe I failed to trade them in when they were still worth something and since I missed the boat I just kept them.  Some do have personal worth to me, like the floppy discs contain files of things I wrote that meant a lot to me.  Of course I have no way to access them or transfer them to something useful, that I know of anyway but I hold out hope it is possible.

I am by no means a hoarder.  I just have the space in closets and cabinets to keep these things where I rarely see them.  So what should I do with these relics of times past?  Does anyone know of any reason they are worth keeping?  Should I put them in a time capsule so that people of the future can see how difficult we had it – no instant skipping to scenes or songs?

Anyone interested in the Rambo box set of VHSs?  How about the Back to the Future set?  Maybe the first season of Highlander on VHS in a box set?


14 thoughts on “What Do I Do?

  1. I like the idea of a time capsule, but it’s a bit dated already to put in items that are now past their prime. One thing that amazed me, is how albums or records are still holding their own, while CD sales are falling.

    • That is true. Records are still all the rage and are so collectible. Personally I don’t see the appeal but then I barely remember records – the only one I really remember was Michael Jackson’s record where he is wearing that yellow sweater and white pants on the cover.

      • Oh I had quite a collection myself, and even Micheal Jackson’s Thriller – but silly me got rid of all those in a garage sale thinking that they were a past thing like…Video cassettes. How wrong I was. By the way, I remember the MJ album you mentioned. Right back before the Pepsi ad, where his hair got burnt and he became addicted to plastic surgery.

        • That is yet another vivid memory of my childhood was the Pepsi commercial where his hair caught on fire. Yeah, that was the beginning of the weird files for him.

        • I remember it wasn’t just his look that went haywire but also his behavior. I always felt sorry for him, so much talent and such a tragic childhood which no doubt contributed to his adult issues

  2. I have tried to keep certain things, with varying success, by transferring them to new media forms, and keeping copies on various devices and even on the “Cloud” or other forms of storage. Also, I have emulations of older technology, such as my trusted “BBC” and “Archimedes” computers on my current one. It’s difficult to keep up, and it begs the question as to whether I will ever have time to listen or watch all that old stuff again, or should I just live in the present and interact with what’s happening now? Perhaps we should rely more on our memories, and the odd suprise when something unexpectedly resurfaces, than obsessively keeping old keepsakes?

    • I like keepsakes because when I am gone, my kids will find them and it will tell them a little bit more about me and what was important enough for me to keep through the years

      • Yes, it’s important for everyone to know who their parents were and what they were like, and what was important to them. I love to collect and keep old photographs, as that’s often all that is left. I wonder if the digital age will be more or less permanent?

        • I’ve never been a photograph keeper, my husband is but not me. I also don’t like to have my photograph taken, never have. Something about photographs, mostly old ones of people I never met, just do nothing for me. I suppose it it the falseness of old photographs – how stiff most people look, their eyes unclear or without any emotion or expression, no smile, no facial expression really of any kind. For me, I really get a sense of people from their eyes and the emotions I see there, facial expressions, body movements, slight tics like constantly fidgiting or playing with ones hair or whatever. If they help me remember a moment that’s fine but if I wasn’t there, photos really never give me a real feel for what happened or how the people who were involved were feeling or reacting. Videos on the other hand, I love old videos because they reveal real action and reaction of people. The voices of people are important to me, their inflections, their deepness or lightness, heaviness or lightness from emotion.
          Letters and cards I like because they reveal so much more. And as for what we will leave behind to our kids now – I think it will be more permanent. Facebook and blogs are like a diary kept by the internet because they are written by us not about us.

  3. We just cleaned out all our vhs tapes. My youngest daughter has the only vcr in the house so she pulled out a few to keep. My car has a cassette player, cd player, and dvdv player so I can still listen to tapes on the rate occasion that I drive somewhere.

      • The crazy thing is, pretty much all of my music is on my computer now and my laptop doesn’t even have a disk drive at all. At some point even my CDs will be obsolete. And as we move into streaming movies more and more I hardly ever look at the movies we have on DVD.

        We never bought into Blue Ray and I am thankful for that cause it would be even more crap piling up in the lost spaces around our house.

        • Ah, see, I am wise to the coming uselessness of CDs. I have already begun slowly releasing them back into the wild to return to their own kind – also known as every few weeks I take them into the local book n music exchange and they take a few of them and give me store credit or cash in exchange. I return every few weeks because what they take differs on who is working that day.

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