Agree to Disagree

The daily prompt I found was this: Do you have a good friend or close relative with whom you disagree on a major issue (political, personal, cultural)? What’s the issue, and how do you make the relationship work?

Many disagreements immediately sprang to mind:

My only cat, Bella, and I disagree on a major issue.  I think she should sharpen her claws on the post I bought especially for her to sharpen her claws.  She thinkbellas she should sharpen her claws on the corners of every couch in my house and the rugs in the downstairs.  We have discussed it extensively.  We make the relationship work by her only sharpening her claws on the furniture when I am not home.

*She retains her claws because she was originally the solution to the mouse problem coming in under my kitchen sink in the winter months, they would chew through the insulation.  She solved the problem and continues to do so whenever one occurs.

My 17 year old and I disagree on when he should go to bed.  He thinks he should be able to stay up all night playing video games online with other gamers.  I think he should go to bed by 11 p.m. as that is a reasonable time as far as I am concerned.  We make the relationship work by his turning off his video games at 11 p.m. and maintaining radio silence in his room to appear as though he is in fact going to sleep but I know he stays up texting on his phone for at least another hour or so.  I allow this because he wakes up on his own every morning and gets to school on time and makes good grades.  I feel a little bit of rebellion is acceptable at that age and it is about as harmless as rebellions can be in teenagers.

I have an ongoing disagreement with the wooden privacy fence that lines my entire backyard.  I think it should stay upright and in perfect condition no matter how old the wooden planks are or what weather conditions they have endured.  The wooden fence refuses to comply and continues to have planks fall forward from age and weather and other planks along the back have given way to a tree that is getting larger every year on the other side of the fence along the creek and pushing the planks into the flower bed in my yard.  We make the relationship work by my ignoring the weathering and disintegration of the fence until it becomes completely useless and must be replaced.  The pool deck won its battle against me in 2008 and was torn down and rebuilt.

My husband and I disagree about where we will move in a few years.  We will definitely be moving to the state next to us, which is only 10 minutes away.  My husband wants to move out to the country, far away from subdivisions and encroaching of stores and traffic on the area.  I want to live close to a somewhat decent sized city – meaning they must have at least one 24 hour grocery store and gas station and preferably restaurants and a selection of stores but not necessarily a mall.  We have made it work by looking at houses and property that is within a fifteen minute drive of a decent sized city.  And by fifteen minutes I mean highway minutes not country back road slow going minutes.

I have one other major disagreement.  I think my bank account should have more money in it and I would appreciate it if the bank would just deposit money into my account on their own, from their own accounts.  The bank has the ridiculous policy of not giving away free money.  We make the relationship work by my depositing money into my own account from my own resources..  Although if anyone knows of any banks who would be willing to give me free money into my accounts I would happy to switch banks


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