I See You


It is difficult to distinguish who you are from what you do and what you have.  Can you define yourself to someone else without including your accomplishments and your job?  Everyone should be able to do this as who you are determines what you accomplish and what you seek out as a job, not the other way around.  Do you have the ability to see who others are without including their jobs and cars and houses and such?


3 thoughts on “I See You

    • Sounds like you know exactly who you are and would not need to define yourself by what you do or what you have. Unfortunately, I think too many people are not so self aware.

  1. I don’t think it’s possible, or profitable, to separate out anyone from what they have done, who they have affected, who they have become. We are all a totality of history, family, experiences, thoughts, actions, desires and achievements. I despair of “labels”; they are just lazy incomprehension.

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