Warning: Not For the Resistant

I have a lot of friends on Facebook who are constantly posting inspirational quotes about not caring what others think, about how to be happy, about how to live life to the fullest and about how to stand up for yourself – how to stop letting others take advantage of you.

The truth is – spoiler alert – inspirational quotes don’t change lives.  Only you can change your own life.  Constantly posting that you are going to stop caring what others think of you – doesn’t make you stop caring what others think.  Not caring what others think starts by knowing what you think of yourself.  Know thyself – only then will you be able to disregard the opinions of of others.

Quotes revealing the secret to happiness – do not result in happiness.  Happiness is not a destination, it is not something you acquire, it is not something you must work towards attaining.  Happiness is a feeling.  You either feel it or you don’t.  It’s your decision.

Inspiration telling you how to live life to the fullest, well, quite frankly, if you’re relying on quotes from others to tell you how to live your life then you’re not living it to the fullest.  It’s a fairly simple concept: just live it.

Last but not least – the secret to not letting others take advantage of you is to simply stop letting them.  Threatening someone that you aren’t going to take it anymore – is nothing more than words that others have learned to ignore because you will not follow up with actions.


9 thoughts on “Warning: Not For the Resistant

  1. Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    what a good blog, well said. Yes i agree, telling others to stop stalking and following you around just fuels the narcissist. Ignore them, and they will at first get angry, and eventually, hopefully leave you alone then. Take the power away from them, that they think they have you under their spell. They dont.

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