Why are all of these people here?

Clearly I am even more clueless than I had originally imagined.  Apparently there was this big holiday the other day and it completely slipped my mind.  Just kidding.  I live in the U.S. so yesterday was Thanksgiving Day.  I did celebrate with family.  I didn’t cook anything, for the health and safety of all concerned, but I was there to partake in the merriment.  The thing is, I have this bad habit during holiday weekends of losing all sense of what is going on outside my house.

Today I woke up and as I do on all Fridays I made my list of what I need to get from the store to make dinner for the following week.  I then venture out to the grocery store in an attempt to acquire all things needed.  This never works mind you but I at least make the effort.  I always end up forgetting to put things on the list or I’m not aware that I’m going to run out of certain things or whatever.  I visit the grocery store more in a week than I do anywhere else, which is fine because I live within a few minutes of three different grocery stores.  Today, however, it was all out chaos at the store and traffic, which is normally low, was almost bumper to bumper.

I at first had no idea why there were so many people out in the middle of the day on a Friday.  Then I remembered that yesterday was Thanksgiving Day.  Somehow that had slipped my mind.  Then it occurred to me that meant today was the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY.  Ugh. How had I managed to forget to stay home today of all days?  I considered going back home and waiting till tomorrow but I figured it would be just as bad all weekend and there were things I needed to buy today to make dinner tonight and to attempt, for the first time ever, to make custard eggnog.

Next year, lesson learned, I will mark this terrible day on my calender in big bold letters: It’s BLACK FRIDAY!!! STAY HOME!!!


4 thoughts on “Why are all of these people here?

  1. Ha haaa! Sounds terrifying getting caught in a rampaging mob of shoppers – excuse for extra egg nog! I always get a really thorough list together but never remember to look at it. 😀

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