Maybe It’s Just Me

So, there I was scrolling through Facebook, WordPress and the other usual social media sites I frequent looking for new information, new insights, new reasons to laugh and perhaps a little inspiration.  Just a usual day, just like every other day although today I did find a few more articles to read and I learned a little more than I usually do.  I also commented on a lot more posts than usual.  It was a very interactive day.

As I perused Facebook, I found some pictures, because well, let’s face it, Facebook is full of pictures these days.  Anyway, I found one that just made me look twice.  Something about it made me think, hmmm…


Now don’t get me wrong.  I like it.  I get it.  But part of me thinks, yeah, that’s all wonderful and dreamy and I see what they mean but seriously, there is more to life than letting yourself float away on dreams and fairy tales.  There is more to life than living in lala land all the time.

There are the simple things in life, those moments that while they are happening may seem ordinary and not so special but in reality mean everything in world.

There is the picking my kids up from school.  It might not be an out of the way experience but there is something nice about when they first get in the car and start immediately telling me about everything that happened at school.  I know who played with who at recess.  I know who said what to whom and how they reacted.  I know what teacher gave what assignments.  I know who my kids are talking to and who their friends are.  I know if there were any problems, any moments of distress of any kind and I know any moments of excitement – and I know them every afternoon.

There is the making dinner, ordinary as it may be, and the eating of dinner with the entire family.  We eat, we talk and we laugh together.  Tonight we discussed carbon dating and its accuracy – that is not a normal topic of conversation but it was this night’s conversation since my teenager brought it up.  We also discussed plans for this week and the holidays.

I also enjoy being there to see my husband off to work.  It’s nice to kiss goodbye and see him hug the kids goodbye and it happens every time he goes to work.  He doesn’t work far away and he works a regular shift at a regular job.  We just like to make sure we say goodbye.

There are lots of little moments in every day that I appreciate.  I like watching television with my kids, even the lame disney shows they love because they enjoy having me there watching the shows with them.  We talk about the shows and who our favorite and least favorite characters are.  I also enjoy the time after they go to bed when I have a few hours to myself to write, to read and to interact with others through comments and discussions.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I place too little value on dreamy things.  I would just rather touch the lives of others and appreciate how much they touch my life than dream about touching fireflies and stars.  I suppose I would rather enjoy those summer nights when I go outside with my kids and chase fireflies and wonder where they go when they leave our backyard.


4 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Just Me

  1. It takes courage to see beyond the fireflies to what real life, warts and all with all its pain, really is. Kudo’s to you for doing that very thing. Most people don’t like the hurts so butterflies are the way to go. Pretty picture though – life is pretty as well as not so much. 🙂

  2. This was excellent, and very mindful. I love it. That image is just a little too much for me… I work at a psych hospital and I’ll be honest… the world doesn’t look too kindly on people who dance with fairies and talk to the moon. Just sayin’ 😉

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