My Comments About Comments

Normally when I wake up in the afternoon after my mid morning nap – naps are great by the way – I drink some tea because caffeine is also great and then I turn on my laptop.  The first thing I check is my gmail because it is my link to everything else I need to check.  Gmail lets me know when people have commented or retweeted or replied to things I’ve posted on other social medias.  But you don’t care about my normal routine of online activity so let’s get on with this post about comments.

Today I skipped the gmail and just went straight to WordPress.  I knew I would have some responses to some comments I made last night – or to be more exact, in the wee hours of the morning.  I knew this because certain bloggers are awesome.  They always respond to comments made on their posts.  Personally, I like it when people respond to comments I make.  It lets me know that I wasn’t just wasting my time reading their blog and taking the time to comment.  It shows that they value the input – no matter how stupid or rambling some of my comments can be at times.

The question you might have after reading those last couple of lines is – why the hell do I need validation that my comment was read to feel I didn’t waste my time reading their blog.  Well in all honesty that was just bad phrasing.  I do find enjoyment in reading blogs because most are helpful, insightful or entertaining.  I choose the ones I read carefully and then read the same ones on a regular basis.  I am never disappointed with these blogs.  The feeling my time was wasted was when I take the time to comment and it goes unnoticed or unmarked in any way… but we’ll get back to that.

Today, as I got on WordPress and skimmed through the newly posted items I did my usual.  I read the little blurb about the post and if it sounded interesting or worthwhile, I told myself I’d come back to it and read it after I finished skimming overall.  Usually, I do this and never get back to reading the posts.  I decided I would do something different today and actually click on and read every post I came across that sounded even remotely interesting.  I also took the time to make comments on each post I read that interested me.

So my interest is how many of those bloggers will take the time to read the comment and respond.  If they don’t respond, does it mean they don’t care about comments on their blog and if that is true, then why blog at all?  To me, comments show that not only did someone read my post but they were interested enough in it to leave their thoughts in the comment section.  I have also found many helpful suggestions in comments and interesting discussions.  I have to wonder if I am alone in my desire to have comments on my posts or in my desire to have responses to my comments on other blogs.  How important are comments?    How important are responses to comments for everyone else?

Are you more likely to keep reading a blog on a regular basis if the blogger responds to your comments?  If they don’t does it affect how you view the blog – does it make you less likely to read it on a regular basis?  Are there some blogs out there that are just so brilliantly written and so entertaining that you read them everyday regardless of whether the person writing it cares if you read it or comment?

14 thoughts on “My Comments About Comments

  1. I’m with you on this one. I like getting comments on my blog. I get excited when I can respond to someone’s thoughts. Hell, I get excited when someone responds to my comments. It’s how conversations start. It’s an open window to “meet” somebody and get a touch more of their insight.
    I like getting comments on posts because it lets me know people are reading. Sure I see the number of views, but comments are just awesome. Being able to “talk” one on one with readers is pretty cool.
    That’s my two cents anyway. 🙂

    • I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who gets excited when they see comments on their posts or responses to their comments! I really enjoy responding to comments because it does give you a chance to get to know who is reading your blog. And responses to comments let you get to know the blogger more and possibly gain some more insight into their thoughts. I think it is an important interaction between reader and blogger.

  2. You are definitely not the only person who gets excited about comments or responses to comments. The best part of the whole blogging experience (IMHO) is the interaction with other bloggers and readers. Some of my best post ideas have come from bloggers who follow me and ask me to write about something specific (like my latest post, Self-Editing Checklist for Fiction Writers: Macro Issues). Because I know how much comments mean to me, I try to comment on several blogs every day. I’ve also found some great new blogs to follow by reading comments on other blogs.

    • I’ve done the same thing – found other blogs to follow by reading comments on blogs I currently follow. It’s amazing what you can learn from someone’s comments. I too try to comment on several blogs a day because it is a great part of the blogging experience to interact with readers and I want to interact with other bloggers as their reader.

  3. I see comments as part of the overall conversation. I think I spend a good portion of my time looking for responses to comments I have made not only in my own space but in other peoples spaces.

    Granted the spam comments make for good comedy at times but that is a joke you keep to yourself more often than not. I prefer to have a conversation with someone who has input they can add.

    • Spam comments do make for some funny stuff. I would agree though that real comments, especially those which add something to the overall conversation are great and make the whole experience better.

  4. I love to get comments on my blog, but I have a hard time replying. I read a lot of blogs and don’t comment. I blame it on my shyness, though tonight I have on my brave hat. 🙂 I enjoy reading comments on blogs too. I’ve just started to reply more in forums, so coming out of my shell a little.

  5. I don’t always comment I ‘like’ as a way of letting people know I came and read the post I will comment if I have something to say that I think the blogger may find interesting and it adds to the conversation but if lots of people have already commented saying what I was going to I don’t always add mine, I do try to reply to comments on my blog but some days with all the pressures of daily life I don’t manage it. I will say I have a few people who visit me that I know do the same I do and I also appreciate how chaotic everyday life can be but if I comment on a blog which has specifically asked a question and I have answered and they do not acknowledge it on numerous occasions I will stop commenting and if I see the same attitude continue I stop visiting at all

    • That was kind of my thought was if the blog asks questions and I answer them in comments and I repeatedly get no response or any acknowledgment that I took the time to consider their question and give a thoughtful answer then I am highly likely to stop visiting at all because there is no interaction going on and that makes it less interesting.
      I do understand the whole not commenting if you have nothing to say, on those occasions I do just ‘like’ the post.

      • I think sometimes you have to look at the persons motivation in blogging do they want honest interaction with others or are they just touting for numbers, I had someone visit my blog like a couple of posts and follow me I returned to visit and found a couple of posts I found interesting and responded likewise – that was the only time they visited me I continued visiting them for a while until it became blatently obvious all they were interested in was a small group of worshippers anyone who made anything along the lines of constructive comments or criticism was branded a bully I found with each visit I was beginnning to leave with a foul taste in my mouth and unfollowed but before I did I made a final comment which was of course ignored but I did thank her for the few genuine bloggers I had met there getting equally frustrated with her rudeness, I realised some people do not want real interaction just an audience to applaud anything they say

        • I would agree, I think there probably are unfortunately a lot of bloggers like that, they are only blogging just to have a legion of followers reading their posts and commenting but they really don’t care about what those followers say and anything that is not blatant praise is deleted or not published. I am currently following a few blogs like this, they beg for comments and actually make their own remarks in subsequent blogs when their followers have not commented enough and yet they never respond to actual comments. To me it shows they are not looking for real interaction just people to read what they want to say. It can be very frustrating.

    • Thanks for the comment. I was wondering if anyone would have that opinion, that the responses did not matter to them and they would keep reading and commenting anyway.

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