A Fictional Character, A Hero and A Villain: Day 31

Day 31 of the July Blog Challenge:

Day 31 July Blog Challenge is to write a flash fiction piece using my fictional character, my hero and my villain.  Unfortunately, July was an especially long month and I can’t remember what I had in mind for my fictional character and I know my hero was the Muffin Man who ate some mutagenic muffins.  I didn’t write the villain post.  So I figured I might just create a new fictional character, a new hero and a new villain and write a story about them.

“Bitch,” Monticello mumbled under his breath.

Sipping one last drink of his bitter coffee, Monticello studied the little old gray haired woman pulling the little brown dog on a little black leash.  He considered the possibilities.  Ms. Danbury was alone on the weekends, he could wait until then to sneak into her house.  But why give her a few more days to live?  Why not just do it tonight when everyone was asleep?

This ragged old grandma was a nuisance to his plans, a thorn in his side.  She watched his every move and reported them to everyone in the neighborhood.  She spread rumors about how suspiciously he behaved.  Of course she had reasons to believe he was less than honorable.  She had seen him dragging the last body out into his backyard.  She had watched that night from her kitchen window.  Ms. Danbury had witnessed his disposal of the body.  He wondered why she had not called the police, why she had only talked about him to neighbors.

Getting up from his own kitchen table, Monticello paced.  He paced when he was nervous.  How to decide?  Which would be best to rid himself of Ms. Danbury’s watchful eyes? Strangle her?  Poison her?  Poison her and her yappy little dog?  That might be best but it would take time, time he might not have.

It was probably only a matter of time before she snitched on him to the police, if she hadn’t already.  Maybe the police knew of his midnight murders.  Maybe they were investigating him.  Maybe they were just waiting to catch him in the act.  Maybe they knew he was plotting to kill Ms. Danbury and were just biding their time until he attempted it.

Audrey watched impatiently through her binoculars.  The man across the street, she could see him pacing.  She could see through the open blinds in his living room, right through to his kitchen.  What was he up to today?  What was he plotting?  Why had he not taken care of the Ms. Danbury problem?  The old woman was a constant threat.  Always watching.  Always talking to others.  Always making it seem like Audrey was up to no good.  Such a pain.

Giving the body at her feet a good kick, she smiled at the cries of pain.  Duct tape muffled the sound a bit but she could hear enough to know her victim was in pain.  Rolling the knife in her hand, she almost couldn’t wait to take another life.  That moment, that last second of life leaving a human body was priceless.  She couldn’t get enough.  Audrey was addicted.

As night fell upon the neighborhood and the moon assumed its position directly above the street, people made their moves.  Audrey crept silently towards the house across the street.  Her footsteps slipped slightly in the sandy ground.

“Damn it,” Audrey stumbled over a small unexpected outcropping of stones in the backyard.  She hoped no one had heard her slip.

“My dear you are far too sloppy,” Ms . Danbury whispered as she buried her long silver blade deep in Audrey’s heart.

Letting the body fall easily to the ground, a malicious smile crossed the old woman’s face.  Brushing a strand of long gray hair behind her ear, she checked to make sure her earrings were still in place.  Wouldn’t want to leave any clues behind that it was her.  Now to set it up to look as though Monticello had committed the murder.  She dragged the body over the sandy ground and out towards the shed.  How had he disposed of that last body?  What order had he performed each action?

Ms. Danbury looked up and over to her house.  She could see the shadowy figure of Monticello creeping through her kitchen, no doubt heading for her bedroom.

“Bastard,” the old woman muttered under her breath as she went about scattering the remains of Audrey’s body to leave just enough clues for the detectives.

…So that’s the story.  I’ll let you decide who you think the fictional character was, who the hero was and who was the ultimate villain.

2 thoughts on “A Fictional Character, A Hero and A Villain: Day 31

    • I was sidetracked from this challenge early on when I went on vacation and didn’t have internet for a couple of days so that was when the trouble started for me and ever since then I was playing catch up it seemed. Your determination to finish each post though makes me want to go back and finish the ones I skipped.

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