If I Were Famous… Day 27 July Blog Challenge

Day 27: If you were famous describe what you would be famous for, how you became famous, what you would do with your fame

What would I be famous for?  Well it’s no secret I’d like to be famous for writing and of course if that were the case – I would say I probably became famous by writing a best seller and then following up my success with a series of best sellers.  But that all sounds really boring so I’ll come up with a better success story.  Maybe throw in some life saving or other heroic actions and a little drama or something to that effect.

Let’s see….  it’s summertime so I’ll go with some summer themed stuff I guess for my rise to fame.

It all started on a beach… because where else would it start?  Anyway, I was there sunbathing, working on my killer tan when I spotted a dorsal fin swimming towards shore.  I knew without a doubt it was the shark menace who had been terrorizing the beach for many summers.  So I jumped up and ran to the water’s edge where I dove in and swam to the small child directly in the shark’s path.  I didn’t just rescue the kid and swim him to shore – no that would have been too easy. Instead I decided to rid the world of this heinous beast.  So as his enormous jaws came towards me in the fiercest attack you could imagine as I snatched the child out of his reach – I tossed the kid to safety (his parents were within tossing distance) and grabbed the shark’s jaws with my hands. Wrestling this massive shark who outweighed me by hundreds of pounds I felt his teeth sinking into my skin but I didn’t give up.  I kicked him, I punched him, I dug my thumbs into his eye sockets to blind the beast and finally he gave up.  Although it was near death, I wasn’t about to take the chance that it might survive so I dragged it to shore and onto the beach where I pummeled it some more until it at last was permanently defeated.

So after saving the little kid from the shark’s jaws and ridding the world of this predator, I had my fifteen minutes of fame.  I did the talk show circuits and all that jazz.  But then I was offered a book deal and a movie deal because they just frankly couldn’t find an actress who could adequately play me in the movie.  And I refused to sell my story unless I got to play myself in the movie.  So I made this lucrative book deal and wrote this amazing and riveting novel about my battle with the shark.

I parlayed my book deal, because the book was a best seller and they couldn’t keep it on shelves it sold out so fast, into a series.  I created a female character who was sort of a cross between Indiana Jones/Iron Man/Batman/Harry Potter/Bella Swan/some of those cool characters from Game of Thrones/some of the cooler characters from True Blood/ Michael Westin/and whatever other famous characters written about in best sellers and television shows you can think of.  Anyway, this female character was the star of my subsequent fiction book series and the success and critical acclaim was phenomenal.  People just couldn’t put my books down they were so incredibly well written.  So that is how I became one of the most famous authors known to mankind.

So what would I do with this fame?  Well, I’m a softie for a good cause so a large portion of my fortune I would donate to charities and research.  I would also use my fame to promote these worthy causes.  I would donate proceeds from some of my books to charities.  I would also pressure the public to please, please, please be more humanitarian and stop buying Justin Bieber records.  Enough is enough, that kid is horrible.  And while I was at it, I would encourage people to stop buying this candy coated pop music manufactured in a studio somewhere and return their attention to people who can really sing, really play instruments and really write songs.  Also I would start an organization for the end of reality television.  Enough watching fake people live fake lives and more going out and living your own freakin’ life.  I might also start a revolution, I don’t know… that one is debatable it would really depend on just how fed up with the government I was by the time I acquired my fame and fortune.

So anyway, that’s my imaginary rise to fame and fortune and what I would do with it.  I hope you enjoyed it.

[And yes, for anyone out there who realized that Harry Potter is nothing like Indiana Jones or Iron Man or Batman and neither is Bella Swan and the characters from those television shows are all different from one another – yes, I realized this when I wrote this post, it was just to be funny so lighten up.]


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