Books That Need to be Written: Day 26 July Blog Challenge

Technically today was: List 5-10 books you wish had been written

This one seems like a relatively easy one to complete.  I mean seriously, these books should have been written by now – for real, not those little coffee table novelty books that are the small ones you find at Hallmark stores and in the card section of grocery stores.  Anyway, without further ado, books I wish had been written:

1. An instruction manual specific to my children on how to raise them to be successful and happy adults.  One book per kid with all the answers on how to handle each and every situation that arises along with an emergency kit.

2. An instruction manual specific to my life on how to become a mature, responsible, happy and successful adult.  This book has to have all the answers to all of life’s little questions, solutions to each and every problem that arises and an emergency kit.

3. A General book that has everything you need to know and the exact time you will need to know it.

4. The Book of Secrets – as in a book that lists all of those corporate secrets and how to get the best deal on everything concerning those companies and how to get around their b.s.  I realize there are books similar to this out there but I want one that has every company everywhere organized by type of company and product along with a rating system for whether or not that company is good to their employees, good to their customers and how they handle competition.

5. A collection of truly funny jokes and cartoons – not those lame ones you always find in joke books.

9 thoughts on “Books That Need to be Written: Day 26 July Blog Challenge

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