5 Mysterious Places: Day 24 July Blog Challenge

Day 24: List 5 places you wish existed.

This one really didn’t inspire me as much as I had hoped.  Maybe I just never think about places I wish existed or maybe my imagination is lacking these days.

1. Teleportation station – rather than having bus stations or train stations or airports I would much rather have a teleportation station where you just step into the little machine and are instantly transported wherever you wish to go.

2. Weather Station   – and by this I don’t mean a place where people sit around predicting the weather.  I want a place, preferably a small space attached to my house, where I can just go and move a dial to whichever type of weather I would like for that moment for my house, or at least for my property.  If I could switch it from winter to summer, from hot to cold and things like that it would be great.  I would really like to have a station where I could switch it to rain just long enough to water my flowers and my yard and then partly cloudy when I want to work in the yard and sunny when I want to swim, etc.

3. Utopia – a nice place where everyone gets along, nobody fights, everyone is relaxed all the time, there is no monetary system because people just help each other out at all times with no need for compensation.  This place also would have no government because the people would govern themselves with the golden rule of do unto others as you would have done to you.  There is no crime.  There is no hunger, no poverty, no suffering, no disease, no social caste system and no shortage of space or resources.

4. A movie theater that doesn’t charge exorbitant prices for movies and refreshments.  In fact, since this is five places I wish existed, how about a movie theater that is free to the public and offers free refreshments.

5. A hospital that offers free services to everyone

There you have it, 5 places I wish existed.


2 thoughts on “5 Mysterious Places: Day 24 July Blog Challenge

  1. Now these are very practical. I’d take a movie theatre with $1movie nights and free popcorn, $1.25 hotdogs and hot pretzel bites to dip in cheese sauce, 50 cent drinks some of which are non-carbonated beverages.

    Our country should definitely take good care of us medically. If we actually could time travel, there’d be no need for teleportation…

  2. Time travel to me still requires time travel = which seems like it requires time to travel. I would rather have a teleportation device just instantly transport me anywhere.

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