The Time Travel Question: July Blog Challenge

Day 23: If you had the power to time travel – would you, where would you visit, what would you do?

For me, when people mention time travel, I immediately think of whether or not I would use it to go back and change things in my life.  If I had the power to time travel – would I use it?  The answer is yes if I could pick and choose which events I wanted to change without affecting other subsequent events.  The problem is, life is just not like that.  Things happen, choices are made, and life continues on in a single file line – kind of like an electrical circuit where everything flows in one smooth line and anything done along that line affects everything after it. 

Another question that would need to be answered is, even if I could pick and choose which events I want to keep and which ones I want to change – would I be able to appreciate it?  What I am saying is, without any bad choices, without having suffered the consequences of mistakes and let downs and any other terrible things I chose to omit from my timeline – would I be able to truly appreciate all the great things I left in the timeline?  Part of living life is about experiencing both ups and downs.  Appreciation of being on top of the mountain comes from the climb up, from comparison to what it feels like to be down in the valley or on the way up the mountain.

The ultimate answer to whether I would time travel if I could is no.  I say that because as tempting as it would be to go back and change a few of the most crucial bad decisions I made in my life – it wouldn’t be possible to change them and keep everything that happened afterwards the same.  There are some pretty wonderful things that happened after some of the worst times in my life.  In comparison, the good times in my life easily outweigh the bad.

As for time traveling just to see what happened in the past or what will happen in the future – I wouldn’t do that either.  I am interested in history but not enough to go back in time and risk affecting it in any way because that might screw things up for everyone.  As for the future, it would be nice to know what will happen but I am more of a live for the moment kind of person and knowing the future would just ruin the surprises awaiting me.

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