Ideas Left Abandoned

I was driving today and as so often happens when I drive any decent distance, my mind wandered.  It crept past the usual thoughts of “What is up with this road construction?  When will it freakin end? and What the hell are they playing on the radio?  Who sings this garbage?”  Here recently, my mind has avoided or at least it hasn’t ventured anywhere near any creative thoughts.  It has continually drawn a blank – which is all fine and good if I were meditating.  Unfortunately, when I’m trying to come up with something to write – drawing a blank is not good.

So today, my mind was wandering and it came across a lyric from a Linkin Park song New Divide.  The lyrics say, “There was nothing in sight but memories left abandoned.”  It sounded so profound, or at least it struck a chord and made me think of what exactly might constitute “memories left abandoned.”  I couldn’t help but think that abandoned memories weren’t the same as those locked away forever for fear of being remembered.  They also weren’t the same as things accidentally forgotten.  Miriam-Webster defines abandoning as “to give up with the intent of never again claiming a right or interest in.”  Keep reading


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