Three New Monuments: Day 20 July Blog Challenge

Day 20 of the July Blog Challenge: List 3 monuments you would like to see created.  I had to think about this one and narrow it down.

There are a lot of monuments (although I’ll only list one for the purpose of this exercise) I’d like to see created that have to do with more pressing and world reaching concerns like one to the person or group that cures cancer.  The problem with saying I’d like to see such a monument created is that there is not one single disease known simply as ‘cancer.’

Cancer comes in many places in the body and in many forms so lumping it all together into one term/disease is unfair and fails to recognize the many terrible types that exist.  One single monument created to honor all of those responsible for contributing to a cure for all cancers also seems improbable as there is no single cure that would cure all cancers.  So perhaps a single monument built to honor all of those who contributed to the many cures for cancers would be more appropriate.  I say I’d like to see this monument because its very creation insinuates that cures for all cancers have been found obviously.  So it may be a long time before it can be built but hopefully someday.

A second monument I’d like to see created would be to the person or group that finally prevents pharmaceutical companies from selling their mediations and other products at outrageous nearly unaffordable prices.  The cost to research and develop a new drug is high but not high enough to validate the exorbitant prices on many commonly used medications and treatments.

To put this into perspective to people who scoff at this proposed monument, there is one drug that I have seen given as a treatment to chemotherapy patients to help boost white blood cell count that costs $14,000 per shot and some patients need a shot after each chemo treatment to get their white cell count back up to an acceptable level.  Yes the shot works, is very effective but I take issue with the $14,000 price tag.  [For those who are not aware, white cells are the main part of the immune system without them you cannot fight off even small infections]

The first two monuments were a little serious for me so I’ll lighten up with the third.  I’d like to see a monument, although there may already be one in existence somewhere, to BACON.  Let’s face it, bacon just improves everything you add it to and is some very tasty stuff.  Bacon can even be eaten by itself or as an additive to other things.  I am a big fan of bacon so I would make a monument to it.

5 thoughts on “Three New Monuments: Day 20 July Blog Challenge

  1. I want you to know that, without even reading your post, you were the inspiration for the flood of thoughts I had when I read the title of your blog. Up until that point I wasn’t going to do this one.

    For bacon, do you think it should be just a humongous slice or a package… 🙂

    • I am so glad to hear I inspired someone! That all in itself is awesome. As for bacon, I was thinking one giant crispy slice of bacon would be perfect.

      • That does sound good… I know after we move to the new apartment, my daughter has planned a “kill a pound of bacon and waffles” brunch with friends… something we haven’t done for quite a few years – not since 2005. We shared an apartment then and on those rare Sundays that neither of us had to work, I’d make a 6-cup pot of espresso, she’d make a coffeemaker of Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla, we’d cook an entire pound of bacon, make waffles, stay in our comfy clothes and have a Charmed / Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon.

        I don’t know if we’d watch anything now other than something my grandson would like, and I might include Mimosas (for the orange juice of course), but we’re definitely due for a brunch…

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