Day 18: July Blog Challenge

Day 18: Give 10 Different Categories you would use for different people if you were given the task of sorting people for some reason

Now this one seems easy for me as there are so many ways to differentiate people from one another.  There are so many key issues facing humanity that I had to sort of cheat and really use multiple choices per category.  I should mention that some categories won’t apply to some people at all.  You’ll see what I mean:

1. Cat or Dog Person

2. Tea or Coffee Drinker

3. Coke or Pepsi

4. Introvert or Extrovert 

5. Loud, Quiet, or somewhere in the middle

6. Close Talker or Respects people’s personal space

7. Calm or Overly Emotional (otherwise known as drama kings and queens)

8. Star Wars fan or Star Trek fan

9. Sci-fy/Fantasy fan or not

10. Leader, Follower or Trailblazer

So for example, although I like dogs, I am truly deep down a cat person who drinks tea and coke.  I am for the most part an introvert, I respect people’s personal space.  I’m a total drama queen.  I love Star Wars.  I am a sci-fi/fantasy fan and for the most part I do my own thing so I’m a trailblazer.


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