Candy Crushing my Way to Inspiration

005What makes someone a writer?  Hold on, I got this one, wait… could it be… possibly… writing?  My money’s on writing.  I would think that is what makes someone a writer.  Playing Candy Crush on Facebook all hours of the day and night certainly does not qualify one as a writer.  For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s fairly simple.  You are presented with a board full of different colored candies.  You line up three in a row to eliminate them or more than three and you gain some prize candy that does something special to eliminate more candies.  The goal varies but it is usually about eliminating a certain number of marked candies or achieving a certain number of points.  It is a simple game but has addicted millions in its simplicity and appeal to our most basic nature of wanting to form patterns.

I’m not here to judge those who play games on Facebook.  I didn’t start writing this post with the intention of saying anything bad about Candy Crush.  Crush away fellow gamers!  The problem I wanted to write about tonight is more about allowing oneself to become sidetracked.  I identify myself as a writer… or at least I claim to be a writer… or at the very least I tell people that I write.  I write therefore I am a writer.

Recently, I have not been writing.  I have been playing.  I have had a very long case of writer’s block and have allowed myself to become endlessly sidetracked.  It started out with my playing Facebook games as a way to ‘keep my mind alert’ or so I told myself.  Then I started searching the internet for ideas that might inspire me.  I failed to turn up any leads as to the whereabouts of my inspiration but I kept reading and seeking anyway.

It wasn’t until tonight that I realized I was wasting an enormous amount of time online.  I was stuck in a candy coated side track.  I had allowed my mind to sink into a despair I couldn’t get out of by not writing.  As a writer, I need to write.  I need to write even when I have nothing to say because it is in writing that inspiration is found.  It is pushing through the despair of having no words come to the page that allows one to get to the other side of writer’s block.  Not writing anything is just not good.

The despair for me is the let down, the long sigh, the great pause that occurs when words are not forthcoming.  It has a way of making me feel like maybe I am not destined to be a prolific and amazing writer.  It makes me think that I might never write another word.  It makes me feel like maybe I am not, in fact, a writer at all.  Here lately, it is making me feel like instead of a writer, I am nothing more than a candy crusher.

Then something happened… tonight I was forced – and by that I mean I was sitting here like every other night playing around on my laptop crushing candies when my husband came into the room and put in a movie he wanted to watch and I was too lazy to get up and move to another room – to watch Skyfall.  Skyfall is like the millionth bond movie made or something like that (actually I think it is the 23rd to be exact but I’m too lazy to look it up).  Anyway, Skyfall began to play.  I am not an avid James Bond fan but tonight I half watched the movie.

Now the thing that happened was, well, I just told you, I half watched the James Bond movie.  It was incredibly uninteresting and had a typical plot – you know the whole bad guy tries to be bad and James Bond saves the day and what not.  It was completely uninspiring and has no real relevance to this post whatsoever.  But at the beginning of the movie, they played that Adele song titled, wouldn’t you know it, Skyfall.  Her singing is very moving… not moving enough to really inspire me but moving enough to make me remember watching her perform this song at the Oscars (I think, it was one of those big timey award shows).  Back then, I was inspired.  I was amused by all the famous people patting themselves on the back for being famous.  Adele reminded me of my posts aboutWhere are my stalkers and another one about how I was snubbed at the Oscars (because I didn’t get one or even get nominated).

Thinking about the Oscars made me think about screenplays and that made me think about books.  Books made me think about people who write, which I believe I established earlier on qualifies them as writers.  This made me think, you know if I am going to be telling people I’m a writer, I should probably be writing instead of spending hours and hours crushing candy.  So I said goodbye to Candy Crush and played a game of Words of Wonder because it has words in it and I was out of lives on Candy Crush.  Then I closed out the internet and actually wrote something.

It was an amazing journey I thought I’d share with you. Writing makes you a writer – Candy Crush makes you a candy crusher – wasting time makes you a time waster – being lazy leads to watching crappy movies – keep reading


6 thoughts on “Candy Crushing my Way to Inspiration

  1. It’s so easy to get lost in social media, movies, chatting on the phone, cleaning (oops, that’s hardly ever a serious distraction), reading the mail . . . thanks for a clever reminder that writers WRITE. Time management will always be a challenge, but anything worth doing is, well, worth doing, right? 😉

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