July Blog Challenge: Day 11 Dream Houses

Day 11 is what is your dream house?  Describe in 500 words or less.

This one is fairly simple.  I want a HUGE house.  I love big houses.  I could handle either a large old farmhouse, if it were upkept or an enormous, extravagant mansion.  The mansion I’d have to have service staff to help keep the place up, keep it clean and all that sort of everyday stuff.

Either way, my dream house has a library, the large high ceiling type with stacks of books wall to wall, ceiling to floor and a sitting area where you could read comfortably in peace and quiet.  I would also like to have a study where I could write in comfort – that would sure beat sitting here on my couch every night typing away on the laptop.  A study with a remote control sound system or television so I could have my favorite music or shows on in the background while I write and wouldn’t have to get up to change anything or turn anything on – the remote control would just be great if it could control everything, sound system, television, room temperature, chair position, etc.

The only other things my dream house has to have is a few fireplaces because I love fireplaces, especially the older style ones.  An expansive and elegantly designed garden is also a must.  I love having a landscaped yard now but it is too small.  I want large lengths of land and a hedge maze too, a small pond, a fountain, some cool statues and loads of beautiful flowers.

An added bonus would be if the house had some secret passageways but that one isn’t a deal breaker if it didn’t.  An ocean view would be great too but that is also negotiable.  That’s pretty much it, I’m not all that picky.


6 thoughts on “July Blog Challenge: Day 11 Dream Houses

  1. I like the idea of the library and study, but the secret passageways are a must. Seriously if you have a hedge maze you gotta have secret passage ways. They go hand in hand.

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