A New Superhero: Day 5 July Blog Challenge

Day 5: Create a superhero and describe him/her/it in 500 words or less

I am a few days behind schedule due to lack of internet access the last few days so I am playing catch up yet again.  I have to admit, when I first thought of this, the whole creating a superhero thing, it seemed easy.  How hard could it be to create a fictional character with some superhuman abilities?  I mean really, how hard?

The thing about creating a character, however, is it requires a little more than just a passing thought to find something new or different and then mold it into something interesting.  Thanks to comic books, every super power you could possibly think of has already been done and probably in just about every way you could think of that is cool or worthy of reading about.  I’m not complaining – not by any means – as comic books have given us some amazing and great characters to love.  I’m just saying that just when you think of a superpower – you realize this or that character already had it.  But I’m going to go with it anyway and create one.

Alright – so the first thing about a superhero, at least to me, is how did they get that way or are they an alien life form come to Earth to help us humans out?  So I had to think of something different since the whole alien come to Earth was just redone spectacularly in the Superman story.  Superman is after all, an alien.  But let’s move on to my superhero’s creation mythology:

A young man is at home with his brothers and sisters one lazy summer afternoon.  It is late and well after dinner and he is perusing the shelves for something tasty to eat as a dessert –when- low and behold he finds a box of muffin mix only a few years past its expiration date.  He decides to take his chances and prepares this ancient box of muffin mix.

The sweet tasty smell of muffins infiltrates the house and his brothers and sisters come to the kitchen hoping to taste whatever sweetness he has concocted.  Upon entering the dining room, the young man is questioned as to what it is he has baking in the oven.  He relates the tale of finding the dusty old muffin mix and having added whatever other sweet treats he found about the house to the mixture – old leftover gummy bears, cracked sweet tarts from the bottom of the candy container, stale chocolate Hershey’s kisses melted together from lying unperturbed in the cabinet above the stove for years, and a handful of old M&Ms he found lying about the various rooms.

The brothers and sisters refused to eat the haphazardly made muffins and left the young man to eat the entire tray all by himself.  Little did he know what chemicals they use to make those sweet candy treats he had added nor did he anticipate what happens to muffin mix set too long upon a shelf.  He had no idea what could occur when all were mixed together and then digested by the human intestinal system.

The first thing he noticed, other than how incredibly fast he finished off those mutagenic muffins, was how strong he felt.  Being an adventurous lad, he attempted to bend a fork – for no other reason than it was there among the dirty dishes.  It did bend but in his haste, it punctured his skin and left a nasty wound.  Miraculously, the wound healed within seconds.  Craving more adventure, he then used a nearby dirty kitchen knife to slice deeply into his arm.  It too healed within seconds.  Slicing even deeper into his hand, he cut off his pinky, and low and behold, it regenerated.

So this young lad, whom his brother and sisters, upon discovering his new super strength and super healing dubbed the Muffin Man – went on to use his powers for good.  He was always known as a sweet guy.  Unfortunately, as all superheroes have, he has a weakness – an Achilles heel.  His mutagenic concoction left him with an after affect in addition to his superpowers.  He is sweet – so laced with sugar and artificial flavoring that you can smell his sugary sweet scent a mile away.


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