10 Untrue Things: Day 4 July Blog Challenge

Day 4: List 10 things you wish were true but aren’t.

Today ended up running a little later than I had planned so once again I find myself not having as much time as I wanted to do today’s challenge.  I had such grand plans to come up with ten thought provoking things I would want to be true that just aren’t.

So, as much as I hate to cheese out today’s post, I feel it that on this particular day – since it is a holiday here – I will cut myself some slack.  I normally feel that anything worth doing is worth doing well but today I suppose I will allow myself to settle for medium well.  Without going into the boring reasons for my delay/slacking off, here are my ten things I wish were true but are not:

1. The really cool places in the universe (such as the other planets in our solar system or even other star systems) were closer – as in within a distance capable of being traveled without too much time or effort

2. There was a better cure for some cancers other than chemotherapy

3. The sky varied in colors on a more regular basis, like instead of being blue all day it changed between say iridescent orange or yellow or an occasional pink and purple

4. Everyone expressed themselves well so that everyone else always understood what they were trying to say

5. Math was always easy

6. Holidays happened more frequently

7. Ramen noodles tasted better

8. Barbies weren’t so creepy looking with that blank stare of theirs – seriously, there is a line of them staring at me right now as I type this and they really give me the heebie jeebies

9. Teleportation existed

10. There was a cure for arthritis

Yeah I know this list could have been more humanitarian and/or helpful to others but it was a very last minute post as I just got back from a fireworks show and it is nearly midnight.  I just wanted to, for once, not overthink things and just post whatever.


6 thoughts on “10 Untrue Things: Day 4 July Blog Challenge

  1. I love #3. That’s really cool idea.
    Communication was not so tricky? Heck yeah. I would love it if I didn’t have to say the same thing five million times to my husband!
    Math IS always easy….isn’t it? Hmm….LOL
    Ramon Noodles only taste good during certain seasons. Like Sinter, Sall, Spinter, and Fummer
    Totally cool!

    • That they do and here’s something I discovered; I took some leftover sushi and added it to the ramen noodle broth along with the ginger and wasabi, then I added the noodles. None of it takes long to simmer – I had an interesting Oriental Soup. (Unless you think that makes ramen noodles too complicated)

  2. What occurred to me and saddened at the same time is there most likely is a better treatment for cancer that’s being withheld. The industry does things in its own time. Instead of a tough nut to crack, it’s a petrified one.

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