Monticello my New Fictional Character: Day 3 July Blog Challenge

Day 3 is to create a fictional character and describe them in 500 words or less.  I have to admit, I have had a lot going on this week so I did not develop this character as much as I wanted when I first thought him up. 

I have no fully developed story for this guy yet but his name is Monticello.  He is a tall skinny young man in his late thirties.  Monticello has dark hair, medium brown eyes, average height and a relatively forgettable face.  People rarely remember meeting him and he enjoys living in this new found anonymity. 

Monticello avoids attention whenever possible and keeps a low profile in the small city in which he lives.  His plan is to not have any further relationships with others as his past interactions have proved unfortunate to those involved.  He has what most would consider a coveted secret power.  He can grant wishes, only one wish per person to be exact but he cannot control the specifics of how the wish is granted or the consequences.

For a wish granter, Monticello at first believed it was a gift, a blessing with untold possibilities.  He had no idea the damage it could cause or just how greedy and short sighted people could be.  Due to his experiences with using his power he has lost his faith in humanity.  He is jaded and skeptical of all others.  He has lost his ability to truly connect with anyone else due to feeling different from every other human being he has ever met.

That is all I have so far for this new fictional character.  I haven’t decided yet exactly what relationships he has had in his past, with who or exactly how or when he gained his wish granting ability.  All I really have fleshed out so far is Monticello was once a fairly easy going guy but now his life has taken a darker turn and his future is uncertain as I have no major conflict yet for him to be involved in.


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