Day 2: 10 Favorite Things

Here it is Day 2 of the July Blog Challenge and I need to list 10 of my favorite things.  I think I’ve already written that joke about saying whiskers on kittens or raindrops on roses in a previous June blog challenge post and I hate to repeat myself so I’ll try to think of something else to say.

I did want to mention – before I reveal this list of ten wonderful things – that I did not get around to posting a linky list thingie on the July Blog Challenge Post – so if everyone wants to just post a  link to their posts in the comment section – I and I’m sure everyone else will check it out.

Now back to ten things that I like:

1. Not getting into car wrecks.  I know it seems like – duh – but I was driving along today in my own little world as I often do and saw this most horrible crash.  A silver minivan – much like I myself drive was making a left turn and a reddish orange little sports car slammed into the side of it so hard the sporty car ended up underneath the minivan.  I don’t think anyone was hurt because the drivers got out and both started screaming at each other and looked as though a royal rumble was about to break out.  But it reminded me how much I really like not being involved in car crashes.

2. Not being in a small fort in the middle of a harsh winter while under seige by some very rightfully angry Native Americans.… after seeing the terrible, terrible conditions at Jamestown in that one horrific winter where a fort containing about 250 colonists dwindled down to only 60 due to starvation, disease and battle with the Native Americans, I have to say that not being in such a condition ranks among my favorite things.

3. Winning things.  Yeah I know that is very nonspecific but hey, winning is great.

4. Gum.  I think, in fact I know, I’ve mentioned it before that I just love gum.  I realize it is made of some pretty unsavory chemicals but let’s face it, chewing, blowing bubbles and then smacking them in a loud obnoxious way is fanfreakintastic.  But hey, I chew responsibly and try not to be too annoying to those nearby.

5. Gobstoppers.  Yeah, they’re my favorite candy

6. Museums.  It is nerdy but museums are just some of the coolest places and you learn so much when you read about the exhibits and it’s even more fun when to liven things up you make goofy poses with those same education exhibits.

7. Shiny rocks.  I never get through any gift shop which has that bin with the velvet bag and then a bucket or bin of shiny multicolored rocks without buying at least one bag.  I have no idea what people do with these glossy polished stones of color but they’re just so damn appealing I can’t help myself.

8. Saying the phrase, “Dude, you had me at double smoky bacon…”  Now honestly the burger was way too greasy, way too tasty and way too fattening and I do believe at one point I could actually hear my arteries hardening up from the fatty deposits along their walls but hey – double smoky bacon!

9. Having five fingers on each hand.  I saw a man today with only four fingers on one of his hands and it made me think,  “Yeah, having five fingers is one of my favorite things.”  Viola, it makes the list.  But then I spent a great deal of time contemplating the four finger conundrum.  If I had to lose a finger, which would be best to lose?  Which could I do without?  Which would be not missed at all?  How would I write?  How would I lose a finger?  How would it change my life?  And at some point, I was pulled out of my finger loss thoughts by reality and it ceased.

10. Being and adult.  As much fun as it was to be a kid and have less worries and less concerns in life – being an adult has it perks.  I get to do whatever I want when I want all the time.  Well, know we all know that is the dream but not the reality.  Today I say I love being an adult because as I sit here typing some pretty ridiculous stuff, I can glance into the adjacent room and see my two girls fast asleep.  They are worn out after the day’s activities and visits to the Jamestown sites and then a trip to a murder mystery theater where my youngest daughter solved the crime!

As the adult, I get to take credit for taking them there.  I get credit for dragging them through historical site after historical site and in the rain no less because I wanted them to see it.  We are related to some of the early settlers and I wanted my kids to see how our people got to this nation and where it all started and what happened.  They complained relentlessly but they listened.

I know that in the years to come, probably at some age in their early twenties, they will remember these trips to Jamestown, to Williamsburg, to Yorktown and to the ruins of Jamestown and might begin to appreciate it for what it was.  I am sharing a bit of American History with them that I believe will build their character.  That is the benefit of being the adult.

Well now here I am at the end of this post.  My 10 Things are a little odd, slightly off but they relate to the fact of where in this country I currently find myself.  They also relate to a few experiences had here.  Whatever.  The point, the moral to take away from my post today is that your 10 favorite things don’t always have to be your most favorite. They can be anything that makes your favorite list.

Today, I was taught some valuable lessons and thought I’d share them with you:

1. Live like it’s your last day on this planet because you never know when some sporty little nobody will decide to end your vehicle and your life.

2. Appreciate the life you live.  Your life may not be perfect but believe me when I say that it could be worse, much worse.

3. Appreciate and take full enjoyment of the little things in life that make you smile.

So now I am starting to preach so I’ll stop.  Just appreciate who and what you are for all it’s worth.  Live a good life.  Be a good person.  Help out a kid whenever you can, teach them something.


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