July Blog Challenge: Imaginary Obituary

Day 1: Write your own imaginary obituary

I’ve seen this exercise before in management/personal training seminars and it’s the one I always skipped over because it seemed silly to write my own obituary.  I get the premise of it I just was too lazy to do it because it had to be all focused and reality based.  So throwing in a little imagination seems easier and much more fun.  So I let my imagination run wild and I completely ignored reality. With all that being said, here it is:

Best-selling author and adventurer JccKeith passed away in her sleep this afternoon due to unknown causes at the ripe young age of 311 following her fifth successful summit of Mt. Everest.  After discovering the secret to immortality and youth through manipulation of the p52 gene, Jcc milked the concept for all it was worth with books, television and movie deals in the hopes of acquiring a fortune large enough to support plans for humanity’s now extended future.  She focused her efforts and fortune on developing methods to improve worldwide food production, distribution of medical supplies and services and improving overall conditions of humanity.

Realizing the impacts of her discovery on population and Earth’s limited space and resources Jcc invested much of her fortune and personal time on funding the further exploration of space and inhabitable planets.  The discovery of the nearby and previously uncharted planets named NPUP1 and NPUP2 (Nearby and Previously Uncharted Planets 1 and 2) provided a much needed relief for the exponentially multiplying, increasingly healthy and long surviving human population.  Jcc and her family were among the first explorers to set foot upon the new planet NPUP1. Her epic first footstep upon NPUP1 was immortalized with her words, “This place is awesome!”

JccKeith is survived by her husband, 3 children, 9 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren, 72 great great grandchildren, 288 great great great grandchildren, 843 great great great great grandchildren and 2371 great great great great great grandchildren

Now granted that was nothing like a real obituary but I find them depressing usually so I decided to write it how I wanted.  It was this one or one where I was the creator of an imaginary fantasy land where people could vacation from reality whenever they wanted.


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