I’m Still a Raving Music Fan!

ImageBy JccKeith
There is nothing better than a live show.  The only thing that even comes close is seeing a live show from a great band at a classic venue.  I was lucky enough to head to Phoenix Hill Tavern – the very epitome of classic venues to see the debut performance of local Louisville boys Monkey Grip.
Phoenix Hill Tavern is Louisville’s oldest nightclub, located on the corner of Baxter and Broadway.  It boasts five different bars all packed perfectly into its two story frame.  When you walk into the low lit building lined on either side with memorabilia of various American time periods, odd little knick knacks here and there you also see the posters and flyers of past bands and are confronted on every front with mementos of the famous musicians who have graced the hallowed stages of the Hill.
It is an experience all on its own, just being present at the Hill.  A walk through the bar, up the steps and through a small hall and out again to the deck bar takes you past five different style bars.  Three of the bars showcase live local bands every weekend.  Rock bands can be found in the Saloon and Roof Garden where as acoustic performances and original bands are in the taproom.  The other two areas, the deck bar houses a DJ spinning tunes all night for the dancing crowd.  The front of the club is where you can sing your own heart out at the karaoke section.
I found myself making my way upstairs to the Roof Garden stage where Monkey Grip rocked it out!  For their debut performance, the music was tight!  I was surprised at how well they played together, how practiced they seemed and how well it all came together to present a great show.  People were listening and their bodies were rocking to the music.  I liked the sound, particularly their song Truth Conquers, and can’t wait to see their next show.
And that was my Friday Night and it was good!
ImageSpeaking of live shows – I was lucky enough to be able to attend yet another live show on the very next night.  One of my favorite bands, The Blue Soul Gypsys were performing at yet another classic venue in the city, Wick’s Pizza.  It had been a while since I’d been to Wicks.  The place is the kind of establishment where you walk in and immediately feel relaxed, laid back and ready to have a good time.  The semi low lighting, the colorful paintings on the walls, the friendly service and unbeatably tasty pizza make Wicks a classic.
 So I settled into a corner booth with some friends, caught up about summer events, had a few laughs and made sure to finish my pizza before the show began.    On a side note, our waitress even did a cartwheel for us in front of the table.  Now that’s great service!  And so exemplary of the goofy, laid back atmosphere of the place.
 Once again, The Blue Soul Gypsys put on a great show.  I’ve said it before but I can’t help
Imagesay it again that these are a talented group of guys with talent to spare.  The drummer was spectacular with unbelievable skills.  The bass player has mad skills.  The singer has a voice that demands attention with its incredible soulful appeal.  It is hard to not ‘feel’ their music when they play.

Alright, well I could probably go on and on about how great their show was but I’ll stop now because a. I hate to gush about anything and b. I’m such a fan I bought a t-shirt from them this time.
 Once again, you can find more about The Blue Soul Gypsys and download their music at the following sites:
We encourage anyone to follow us and to contact us. We love meeting new people and just helping others out in this crazy thing called life. No one has to go through it alone.
You can find more about Monkey Grip at the following locations:

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