Catching Up with Another Blog Challenge

So… I’ve missed a few days.  I’ve actually been busy and just didn’t get around to posting, so I figured a good old summary post would solve this problem most efficiently.  Honestly, some of the ones I missed were ones I didn’t have much to say on but after thinking it over, I did commit to doing this challenge and I hate to be a quitter because as we all know…  Let’s see, here we go in order of the days I missed:

Day 17 What is Your Most Proud Moment

My life is full of proud moments, some are small and some were some extraordinary acts but I would be hard pressed to say rank them all as more or less important so I’ll just mention a few here:

This one I figured was a little silly to answer.  I’ve been married for almost 14 years so every year on my anniversary I think how proud I am to be in a happy marriage.  I’ve known a lot of unhappy people and I see it every day about divorces and how miserable some people are and bitter towards each other and I wonder how they let it get that far.  Marriage is not something you just get involved in and it all magically works out happily ever after.  It takes work, some times are great and effortless and others are not.  When you make a commitment, stick with it.

Then I have three kids, of course having them and seeing them grow up to be happy and healthy are proud moments.  My kids are good people, they are conscientious, considerate and for the most part happy and well adjusted.  That is an accomplishment in this day and age.  I think it takes work to stay involved with your kids, to make sure they are learning the right things in life.

And then there is me and the things I do here and there that I am proud of on a regular basis.  I am not going to brag and say oh I do this for this charity, I participate in this or that event for charity or anything of the sort.  I have done some nice things in my life for others and they were very proud moments.  I try to continue to do things for others.

So that’s that.

Day 18  What is the meaning of your Blog Name?

My blog on blogspot is called Rogue Mission.  I am writing a novel called Guardians of Ayan.  The novel is about the ‘real’ lives of a group of actors.  The actors are all on a science fiction/fantasy show called Rogue Mission.  The show is a creation just for the novel.  The novel is also a fantasy novel.  Anyway, I decided to create a blog where I posted ‘episodes’ of Rogue Mission to generate interest in the characters and hopefully, by association, in my novel Guardians of Ayan.  Ayan by the way is the name of the planet where the novel takes place.  The main character on Rogue Mission is also from Ayan.

So that’s that.

Day 19  What do you Collect?

Hmm… besides bills I also have a small collection of action figures from the shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Far Scape.  It’s a little nerdy, yes, but since I watch the shows while I write, I find sometimes that just a glance at the action figures gives me inspiration.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it doesn’t matter to me whether anyone else gets it or not.  Fact is, it helps me write and makes me smile.

So that’s that.

Day 20  A Difficult Time in your Life…

This one is a little too personal to really go into depth on.  I am not sure just how much I want the entire world to know about my own personal struggles.  I sometimes think I’d like to be one of those people who is a spokesperson for a cause but then I realize, no, I wouldn’t.  Those people are very courageous to share their deep, dark secrets and personal struggles with the world and I’m just not ready to do that.

I don’t mind sharing my thoughts on just about anything and everything, I don’t mind sharing ups and downs if they generate a laugh or make someone smile and I don’t mind posting daily on a blog things about me.  Now getting into the details of the really low points is something I feel wouldn’t make anyone laugh or smile so I stay away from it.  I would much rather make people laugh.

Well, something that happened today qualifies as a difficult time.  I had to take Jackson, my son’s chameleon to the vet.  This is quite the trip since the only specialist vet that sees exotic animals like chameleons is in the neighboring city and not just in this city but in the ghetto of this city.  So it’s a scary trip but Jackson needed a doctor pronto so we made the risky voyage.

We were informed that he had an infection of a temporal gland in his mouth/throat and it was BAD, very bad and was now life threatening.  He had days to live maybe.  So they drained the infected area, drained the pus and showed us how the infection had already gotten into the bone and made a hole in this bone.  So this was a very painful infection for Jackson.  Poor guy.  I felt so guilty for not having brought him in sooner but I had no idea until his mouth swelled up so large.

We were sent home with an antiobiotic, an antiobiotic wash, a nystatin wash, a pain medicine and another wash of some kind.  As long as he keeps eating he will survive long enough for the meds to take effect and he may beat this infection.  If he stops eating at any time, he is pretty much a goner. Poor guy.  But at least they’re giving him pain meds to make it easier for him to take his meds and eat.

So let’s all send our thoughts to Jackson and hope he heals and overcomes this life threatening infection.  I think he can do it.  I think he’s a fighter.

So that’s that and I’m all caught up.


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