The Bucket List: Day 16 Another Blog Challenge

Today’s instruction/prompt/whatever was “What’s on your bucket list?”  Precisely it was actually “What is the 1st item on your bucket list?”  I wasn’t going to write this challenge because either a. I have lost my bucket list or b. I was too lazy to ever really write one.  It is probably the latter because I suppose I feel that I write lists to help me remember things.  If I need to write something on a bucket list so I remember to do it at some point before I die then that implies that I am afraid I need to write it down so I don’t forget it.  If it is something that is that forgettable then why would I want to include it on a bucket list anyway?

On the other hand, if I write up my bucket list just to have something to show everyone and at some point check things off my list then I’m not really doing these things for me.  I’m doing them so I can tell everyone, “Hey look I checked this off my bucket list!”  That implies I am just a show off or that I need the validation of others to make my accomplishments seem significant.

You know what… I can’t go on about my self-righteousness and lack of desire or need to have a bucket list.  I have a bucket list.  I just don’t call it a bucket list, it is just my lifetime to-do list.  As I have mentioned previously, I have several languages that I want to learn.  I have numerous places I want to visit.  I have a few more religious temples/locations I’d like to visit to witness their spirituality.  I also have numerous instruments I’d like to learn to play – although after learning the guitar and the banjo and experimenting with the fiddle – I have learned that I lack any innate musical talent and I am possibly tone deaf.  It is an important lesson, figuring that out, it means I can learn the technique of playing an instrument but I will never be able to create songs or play as well as the people I so admire.  Anyway.

Here are some things that rank in the top of my lifetime to-do list:

1. Develop a formula/drink for cats that makes their pee smell good or – teach my cat to pee on the toilet

2. Develop a drug that makes people feel good without all the side effects like altering judgment, weight gain, disorientation, or any other common deterrents for drug use.  I figure it’s sort of like improving on sugar –great feeling after ingesting sugar but not so great side effects

3. Develop a gene therapy to correct mutations in genes that result in cancer although this is contingent on some form of DNA screening early in life to determine who has these gene defects such as BRAC 1 or BRAC 2 or those causing HNPCC or FAP.  This is also contingent on someone else perfecting gene therapy as currently those receiving it  for other disorders have to have continuous therapy as opposed to a one or two time deal and that would not make much sense for cancer as not everyone with these genetic mutations ever develops the specific cancer to which the defect makes them prone – so correcting the defect through a lifelong therapy would be inefficient and expensive.

4. Convince schools to incorporate some form of meditation so people learn to calm down early on without drugs, violence or other not so great methods

5. Become somewhat wealthy and share the wealth

6. Publish two novels

Alright well that is enough of my lifetime to-do list for now.


3 thoughts on “The Bucket List: Day 16 Another Blog Challenge

  1. That’s the sweetest, most unselfish, bucket list I’ve ever seen! Really the best kind of thing to read on a Monday morning too. Thanks for my second smile of what started out as a lemony kind of Monday. Shared it too, to bring smiles to more grumps. 😀

    • Glad it brought a smile to your face! Always happy to make people smile because smiling is contagious! You get one person feeling great and soon enough everyone is in a better mood.

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