Timelines: Day 15 Another Blog Challenge

Today’s instruction was to write the timeline of my day.  I’m not sure you could handle the excitement of my busy day but I’ll try to not overload your senses.  Let’s see, what did I do first today?  Hmm… that’s a toughie but I believe the first thing I did was wake up and glance at the clock to make sure it was an acceptable hour to be awake.

Let’s see – after confirming that it was indeed a respectable hour, I got out of bed.  Hey, that may not sound like much of an accomplishment but there are days when that is the equivalent of climbing Everest for me.  But that is a depressing post for another time.  Anyway – I forgot to mention that before I got out of bed I laid there for about half an hour contemplating what I wrote last night.  I have this bad habit of replaying my prior post and wondering if it was too ridiculous and should be deleted.  I usually decide it was indeed ridiculous, as it was meant to be, and leave it alone.  That took about a minute.

For the remaining 29 minutes I ran through some ideas concerning my work in progress book.  I like to get my ideas all in order and complete before I actually write them down.  That holds true with most things I write – I have them planned out in my head, even if it only took a couple of minutes to think of, before I commit them to the laptop.  So I sorted some ideas and tried to get them into something useful.  Then, for another minute after that I visualized myself getting out of bed and heading down to the kitchen to cook breakfast.  Then I got out of bed.

For those interested, I cooked pancakes for the kids.  Then I did the dishes.  Then I cleaned the kitchen and contemplated the deeper issues of Clorox bleach cleaning wipes versus Mr. Clean and his white rectangle of miracles otherwise known as a magic clean eraser or something catchy like that.  I sang along to Boogie Wonderland.

I made some phone calls about plans for Father’s Day tomorrow.  I chatted for a while and fed the animals as I did so – thanks to that amazing technology known as a cordless phone.  I remember the days of talking on a phone attached to the wall.  Brutal.  No multitasking back then.  Maybe I’ll reinstall one so I can have an excuse not to multitask and be al little less productive and lazy.  Yeah.

After feeding my animals, I studied my rats for a while.  I wondered what their level of awareness was concerning the death of their cage mate and friend.  The rat that died was a daughter and a sister to the other two surviving rats.  I debated on whether they missed her and if I would be able to tell based on their behavior if they missed her, were sad, or were callously indifferent.  Unfortunately, the rats were asleep for the duration of my blatant staring.  Rats sleep around 15 hours a day and are for the most part nocturnal.  I considered returning to my study tonight but after some thought decided three things:

  1. I have too much time on my hands
  2. I don’t really care enough to stare for hours on end at the rats’ behavior towards each other and in general
  3. I don’t think I would be able to tell if they were sad, missed the deceased rat or any other possible emotions

Well, after my rat theories, I had to or rather I did, watch some Disney channel with my youngest daughter.  An hour of the same episodes of the same shows I’ve seen every day since summer break started was enough to drive me nearly insane.  Seriously, the super skinny – almost emaciated stars, the over acting, the layers of makeup on the stars, the bad and predictable story lines and the overall fakeness of it is just too much.  But I watch it for as long as I can stand it and I discuss some of the things on the shows with my daughter and we complain together about the repeat programming.

Then it was lunch time.  I rustled up some grub for the kids to eat – or in other words, I fixed various entrees for each of my three kids because they don’t all eat the same things.  I made myself a bologna sandwich with a slice of swiss cheese and some Cheetos (yes I put Cheetos on top of the cheese) to eat.  Honestly, I would have used Doritos if I had them as I prefer those on my sandwich but Cheetos serve the purpose.  Why you ask do I put chips or Cheetos on my sandwiches?  Well, I hate the texture of lunch meat of any kind and cheese and bread alone, the chips add crunch which makes it all good.

Then we went swimming in our pool.  I worked in the yard some meaning I cleared a flower bed and planted some things and watered my plants.  Then it was time for more television – we watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and the end of Monsters Inc.  Then it was dinner time.  After dinner I cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen, played around on the computer, played with the dog and some other random things I don’t remember now.  And that concludes my day as I am currently back on the computer typing this post.

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