Day 13 Another Blog Challenge: Memories

Today’s tid bit is listed as “Your earliest memory.”  I tried really hard to figure out which one that might be but I just couldn’t remember.  Frankly, I was a bit young at the time and didn’t have it all together, my recall of those days is a bit hazy.  So all in all, I think rather than skipping it entirely, I’ll just reinterpret what they’re asking. I’m good at that.

So today’s bit is now changed to “Your earliest memory… of the day.”  I woke up today and remember distinctly looking at the alarm clock and thinking – it is way too early to be awake.  Nothing worse than going to bed late and waking up early.  I had a very difficult time getting back to sleep but I managed.  When I awoke a second time it was a much more respectable hour of the day – midday to be exact.

Then I thought to myself that it would be much easier to get out of bed if I just had caffeine at the ready.  Why should I be normal and keep my coca cola and tea in the kitchen?  I should be smarter about it.  I should install a mini fridge right next to my side of the bed so that next time when I wake up in the wee hours of the dawn – rather than lying there thinking, I need to go back to sleep – I can reach into my mini fridge, crack open a cold coca cola and wake the hell up.

This would of course generate new problems.  If I were to wake up early I might get the notion that I should be productive and accomplish things in those newly found hours.  I might be able to write more since the rest of the house is asleep until midmorning.  I might go to bed early since I was getting up so early.  That would rearrange my whole schedule, if I had one.  Come to think of it – I think I’ll just stick with staying up late and sleeping in.

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