Physical Features and Lists

Days 10 & 11 Another Blog Challenge

O.k., O.k. so I missed yesterday.  In my defense, I was busy most of the night with a family event.  My brother and my dad had just returned from the Florida Keys with way too much fish and it needed to be cooked and eaten or it was going to go to waste.  Who am I to turn down fresh caught Yellow Tail, Tuna and Mahi Mahi?  It’s all so delicious when it’s marinated in this teriyaki style stuff and then grilled.  Yum.  But anyway – on to the post I missed:

Day 10 was What is Your Best Physical Feature?  I find this question not entire blog worthy as it is a simple answer.  It is also subjective as what I deem my best feature might not be what someone else thinks is my best feature.  Whatever – since I have to pick one – I’m going to go with wings.  Sure I don’t have wings but I sometimes wish I did because… well how cool would that be?  If I did have wings – those would be my best physical feature.

Now let’s get current here and reveal today’s blog challenge item: List 15 of Your Favorite Things

I was tempted to just repeat the lyrics to the Sound of Music song Favorite Things – stuff like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens but who are we kidding?  Sure those things are great but on my lists of favorite things, they rank fairly low like somewhere in the 100s.  There are a lot of other things that rank higher, here are 15 of those things (not in any sort of order):

  1. Stargate – well come on, anyone who reads my posts already knew this would make the list
  2. Eighties Music – yes I realize when I listed the top ten songs I was currently listening to they were mostly Motown songs, seventies songs and Michael Jackson songs but since I already listed those, I wanted to throw in a shout to the eighties for today’s post
  3. Joe Mallozzi’s Supermovie of the Week Club – Cookie Monster reviews – they’re written as Cookie Monster and are hilarious!
  4. Louis C.K. – the guy consistently cracks me up
  5. My Shih tzu’s snaggle tooth smile.  It’s just cute
  6. Fresh ripe peaches and fresh just ripened strawberries
  7. Swing sets – who doesn’t love to swing on a good old fashioned swing set?  It’s my favorite thing on the playground
  8. Books – real, hold in your hand, flip through the pages, hard copy books.  I like the way they feel, I like the way they look on my shelves and I even like that unmistakable smell of ink you get when you flip through the pages.
  9. Finding money inside books – I have this tendency, as I’ve stated before, to carry a ‘spare’ book in my purse and in my vehicles, just in case I end up getting stuck waiting on things.  Due to these books being handy, I often end up somehow stashing money in the pages either accidentally or in case of emergency (I often forget my purse when I leave the house and then end up stopping at a store and lo and behold – no money or cards! So a couple of $20s stashed in the book in my vehicle comes into play).  Then eventually the book finds its way back to my shelves with said money still between the pages.  So every once in a while, I grab a book off the shelf to either read it again or search for a specific part and out drops – Money!
  10. Remembering Things – like why I went into a particular room, or what exactly it was I needed at the store, appointments, to stir the potatoes occasionally when cooking so they don’t burn, what I meant to search for on the internet and other random things I seem to forget these days
  11. Regular Show – don’t judge me, it’s a funny cartoon and my kids love it
  12. Pajamas – I cannot express enough my love of pajamas especially my pink panther pjs
  13. Internet – having grown up in the age before pagers, before cell phones and before the internet, I can completely appreciate this wonderful technology
  14. Oncologists – in my book they are the superheroes of the medical world
  15. Alcohol – three cheers and a toast to alcohol!

There you have it – fifteen of my favorite things.  The list could go on and on but those were the things I thought of today as I was writing this post.  I suppose if I had planned out this post I might have been able to give a top 15 list but I don’t plan out my posts.  I just write them as the ideas pop up in my head.


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